Why Fans Love Jack & Jack

We spoke to fans of Jack & Jack to find out why they love them so much.

Jack & Jack are a popular duo that started on the app, Vine. The two of them quickly started gathering loyal fans who are still with them today. As well as posting on Vine, they also have a YouTube channel, release music and have a book out. They have also done many tours across the world and appeared at Wembley supporting the Janoskians. So, we spoke to their fans to find out why they love them so much.

Lina | 19 | France – “I love Jack & Jack because they’re really down to Earth and chill guys. I’ve seen them live and I can guarantee you that these guys know how to put on a show. Plus, they’re funny and seem like the type of people you want to be friends with.”

Chayla | 17 – “I love the Jacks. I love them because I watched them when they started on Vine. I thought wow, they are good and now they’re this big thing. It makes me happy knowing they started as two kids who made six second videos to selling out concerts. Also, even though they are rapping and singing, it talks about being outcasts and some of them are silly dance songs.”

Chloe | 17 | UK – “Why do I love Jack & Jack? What a hard question. I can’t even begin to explain how much I love these two boys. They have done everything for me. I would honestly be nowhere without them. Jack & Jack make me smile on a daily basis, with music, with videos, with something as simple as a tweet, they’re constantly making me smile. I went to see them earlier this year and I honestly cried throughout the whole thing. Another thing that makes me happy about them is that they care. They care so much about the fans and the world and that’s such a beautiful thing.”

Kayleigh | 16 | UK – “I love Jack & Jack so much because they are the ones to cheer me up. They make me so happy and they are so talented. I watched them on Vine from the start with the b**** spray on Sammy and they brighten my day. From Johnson’s sass to Gilinsky’s jawline. They are so perfect inside and out.”

Amelia | 19 | USA – “Simply put, Jack & Jack are my heroes. I couldn’t live without them. They are my favourite human beings in the world and I’m so happy I found them. I found them when I was going through a really hard time and they’ve been a safety net since. They are so lovely too. When I met them, they were so lovely to me and hugged me when I cried. I love them, I can’t say that enough.”

Amy | 15 | UK – “I can’t imagine a world where I didn’t find Jack & Jack one day. They have helped me through so much crap in my life. I found them about a year ago now and I haven’t looked back. Tides is a song I listen to on a daily basis as it helps me forget about everything bad that’s happened.”

Jess | 19 | UK – “Putting why I love Jack & Jack into words is so hard. They saved my life, I can’t put it anymore simply. They saved my life and continue to give me a reason to keep on fighting every single day. I think it also helps that we are so similar in age because it means that I can really relate to them and that makes me happy too. Seeing them live will always be the best feeling ever as they put so much passion into it. I can’t wait to see them again and I can’t wait to hear this new album because All Weekend Long is so good. I’m so proud of them going from high school kids on Vine to what they’re doing now is incredible. Everyone should look out for them!”

So, that’s why Jack & Jack fans love Jack & Jack so much. Make sure you tweet us @Celebmix and tell us why you love Jack & Jack so much and why they mean so much to you!

Written by CelebMix