Why Fans Love Kendall Jenner

Kendall Jenner has pretty much grown up in the spotlight. Due to her family’s reality show Keeping Up With The Kardashians, Kendall’s fans have to got to see her grow up and become the woman she is today.

Kendall decided she wanted to follow the modelling career path at the age of 14. She’s progressed from shoots for Forever 21 to Vogue covers and walking for high-end brands. Kendall has also walked in the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show twice. This was a major milestone for her as it was her dream since she began modelling.

Aside from modelling, alongside her sister Kylie, she’s co-authored the novel Rebels: City of Indra and Time Of The Twins. 

There is so much more we can say about Kendall, but let’s hear what her fans have to say.

Chloe, 17, Ireland (@BradleyBiebs)

I love Kendall Jenner as she is the most normal girl out of the Kardashian family even though she does have her model looks but it’s obvious she hasn’t had any plastic surgery which ultimately makes her more relatable in my opinion. Kendall has always worked hard to achieve the model status that she always wanted. Kendall doesn’t want her family and her career to be associated which proves she doesn’t want any special attention and wants to work hard for her career.

Katie, 17, England (@purposekatie)

She’s naturally beautiful, she hasn’t had any surgery or anything, she embraces her body the way it is. Also, she’s so genuine and down to earth and she worked hard to get where she is today even though she’s had rough patches and tough times she’s got through them all smiling and laughing. She’s not afraid to let her personality show and she also makes people feel more confident in themselves, she’s really influential and used that in a good way such as doing campaigns about voting for women etc.

Bárbara, 15, Argentina (@hestarman)

Kendall is such a lovely woman, she’s an inspiration for me, all the things that she does are beautiful. I’m a fan of her since six months and all this time has been amazing for me (I don’t know where she has been all my life). She doesn’t deserve all the hate that she receives every single day, but she doesn’t give it a f**k because she’s a beautiful, perfect and powerful woman. That is why I love her. She doesn’t care if someone is talking s**t about her because she knows that these people are irrelevant.
She never gave up! And now is one of the most famous models of the world! I’m so proud of her.

Mylène, 15 ,France (@lightninkendall)

I’m in love with her since a really long, I’m one of her best fans I think because I always support her. I always smile because of her. She’s the cutest baby. I don’t know what to say but I just wanna say that I love her more than ever because she is who she is.

Sophie, 16, England (@waheysophie)

I love Kendall because she is a genuine, naturally beautiful woman. I sadly haven’t had the chance to meet her but I have heard stories about how lovely she is with her fans. She genuinely treats them as her family and often notices them on social media, as well as real life. I am amazed by how far she has come in her career. She constantly wows me with new editorials and runway shows. Her charisma and personality are admirable and I love seeing her around her friends and how genuinely happy she is. She’s an amazing, hard-working, independent woman and I do honestly think she’s the perfect role model to have.

Lauren, 16, England (@Dixon108Loza)

Kendall has overcome so many barriers in her path, and she has spoken about issues she’s experienced including her struggle with acne and anxiety problems, which helps teenagers to realise that their issues are normal. She’s an inspiration and a beautiful model.

Tana, 15, England (@EmbraceKendall)

I’ve loved Kendall ever since I was 8 years old as I watched the Kardashians with my mum. Kendall is so kind, honest, caring and loving. I love how Kendall loves and supports everyone in the fashion industry as I think it can change some people’s personalities, but not Kendall. It sounds weird but I feel like her younger sister watching & admiring her conquer her dreams. I love supporting Kendall & I love watching her fulfil her dreams :).

She seems so chill and normal & she’s someone I’d like to go hang out with. Kendall is one person who inspires me and I aspire to be successful like as she knew what she wanted to be and didn’t give up, which is great to look to for girls my age. I admire how much her mom Kris loves and supports her and it reminds me of me and my mum.

She makes me happy and smile every day, I think I tell her I love her every day on twitter, ask any of my friends they will tell you how obsessed I am with her. I truly hope that I can meet my angel and tell how much I adore & admire her and hug her and I’m so grateful that she liked my tweet only a few days ago, I just hope I get the opportunity like other Kendall’s fans to get a DM or even a FaceTime or a video of her saying my name!

I loved being able to use her app last month as I got to know more about her life and her personality. Also, I love the little competitions she does for her fans but it’s a shame as there are no international ones as I live in England. Kendall has said in an interview she’d like to be someone’s superhero as she found models superheroes growing up, Kendall is my amazing superhero.

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Written by Sophie

Boyband enthusiast