Why Fans Love Reign

Reign is an American television show based on the early exploits of Mary, Queen of Scots. It is based around the political, treacherous world that is the French court. In total the show has aired 4 seasons, the fourth of which will be the last, airing throughout 2017.

We asked Reign fans why the love the show so much. Here’s what they had to say!

Lottie | 17 | England – “I love Reign because it is so exciting – you always want to find out what’s going to happen next! I especially love Catherine’s lines they make me laugh so much and are very well thought through. There are very good storylines in Reign and the costumes are amazing.”

Mila | 21 | Macedonia – “I love the show mainly because of Dan Jeannottee, Rachel Skarsten and Meg Follows. Also, the scenery, castles and beautiful royal outfits are just a huge bonus.”

Inny | 19 | France – “I love Reign because thanks to this show, I have discovered a wonderful and talented cast. People who are inspiring me everyday. It’s such a great show with amazing characters, scenes, costumes, songs, etc… Reign brought me joy when I needed it the most and I’m so thankful and proud of the cast and everyone involved in it.”

Abbie | 16 | England – “I love Reign because of the history and the way the actors bring it to life. I loved Toby Regbo in Reign and I started watching it because you don’t always get their point of view from a young age.”

Lucy | 16 | England – “I had been meaning to watch Reign for years, and the day I finally got around to it, I was so glad of it. The show is beyond incredible. From the casting, to the acting, to the absolutely awe-inspiring outfits, there’s just not a downside to the show. I’m incredibly sad that the show will be ending after this season, I’ll never forget about it.”

Tara | 23 | USA – “Reign is so amazing. I adore Mary, and RIP Francis. I love shows like this because I’m a history freak.”

Lynn | 24 | Scotland – “I love Reign for several different reasons. Although it is based on actual historical figures from the 16th Century, the show’s storylines don’t play out exactly the way they did in real life. This allows the writers a lot more freedom when they are deciding where to take the show in the future and it keeps the fans interested as they never know what is coming next. The show is full of twists and turns, and always has cliff-hangers to keep the audience engaged.
Although the show is not historically accurate, it does give an insight into all the religious wars of the time, and shows what it would have been like to be a lady living in those times.
There is a fantastic cast who all play their parts exceptionally. The show is also filled with strong female characters – Mary who always puts both Scotland and Frances’ needs first, and Catherine who always fights for her family.
Lastly, I love the fashion on the show. From the dresses, to the jewellery, to the headbands, every single piece worn by Mary and her ladies is simple beautiful.”

Madison | 15 | France – “There are a few reasons why I love Reign. The first one is that the show is about a historical period and these TV shows are my favorites because it learn me so much about things that I don’t study at school. The second one it’s because of the actors. Rachel Skarsten and Adelaide Kane are two of my favorite actresses but all the cast is amazing. I also love the soundtrack, all the dresses and the decors. I really like all the love stories, because it’s not only focus on Mary and Francis’ wedding (even if we don’t know if they love each other as wife and husband in real life), we see also her ladies-in-waiting’s stories, the story of Francis’ half-brother, the story of Catherine,.. I love the fact that even if the TV show is about Mary Stuart, in the seasons 3 and 4, we see Mary in Scotland, but also Elizabeth in England and Catherine in France. I love Elizabeth’s strength, Mary’s kindness and Catherine’s humour.”

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Written by CelebMix