Why Fans Love Shadowhunters

Shadowhunters is an American fantasy television show based on The Mortal Instruments books by Cassandra Clare. It is the second adaption of the books after the City Of Bones film that was released 3 years prior to the show featuring a different cast.

We spoke to some Shadowhunters fans to ask them why they love the show so much. Here’s what they had to say:

Silvia | 41 | Italy – “I love the show because I love magic and Magnus Bane made me fall in love. I started watching it because of him and now I like everything. I watch it with my eight year old son Ricky.”

Phoebe | 22 | Wales – “I loved the books, the relationship between the characters and how they deal with everything thrown at them. It makes me feel optimistic about the future when my head is against me and my own demons are just there.”

Yara | 17 | England – “I love the show for many reasons. First of all, the representation of the LGBTQ+ community is pretty inspiring, and the portrayal of the characters is on point. The plot isn’t rushed and the relationships are getting their fairness. The cast were carefully chosen, and I adore the fact it’s interracial. No sexism, no homophobia and no racism whatsoever. The fight scenes are also something I look forward to every episode. The sound effects and the visual effects are also magnificent, as well as the soundcheck which is perfect.”

Menolly | 18 | Belgium – “I love Shadowhunters because it gives me dreams. I’ve read the 6 books, and I’m in love with the universe, there’s so much to discover. The books and TV show are really different, but I really like it. It’s like rediscovering the people, and seeing things differently. I’m curious about how they’re going to put some book elements into the show. I personally am a writer, and I would like to be able, one day, to create such an amazing world as Cassie’s. The story is amazing, the characters are just incredible – or too fab for the others ones – and the universe is where I would love to live. There’s a lot of subjects like politics, duality between good/evil, friendship, love, parents, sexuality and manipulation. And if I could use only one word to convince you it’s perfect, Malec.”

Lucy | 16 | England – “The TV show is honestly incredible, they have bought the world of the books to life in a way that I admire so much. In some ways it’s so different and unique, but in the same time, it’s amazing. All the relationships on the show, from the beautiful one between Magnus and Alec, to the friendship between Simon and Clary, they’re just shown and visualised so amazingly on the show. There’s no real negatives of the show.”

Emma | 15 | England – “I love Shadowhunters as it’s an extremely addictive program and after watching the first episode I was hooked. I love all the characters and the actor who play them, they play the roles extremely well. The mix of vampires, warlocks, shadowhunters, werewolves and other all go together so well and make the program really interesting. I also love the relationships between characters like Jace’s and Alec’s close bond, alongside Simon’s and Clary’s relationship, and Alec’s and Magnus’ love for each other. Plus, Magnus’ care for Raphael and Simon.”

Hro | 17| Greece – “I love the show because it has an amazing LGBTQ+ representation. I also love it because it has strong female characters and it has female empowerment. It not only has strong men, but it also has women in power. The show also has an incredibly strong character development in it. Another reason I love the show is because it also has people of colour, and it has interracial relationships. I love Shadowhunters because this show has an amazing, talented, kind cast and an amazing crew with an amazing writing team. They are doing such an amazing job and they bought my favourite books into life.”

Henrique | 17 | Portugal – “I love this show because I fell in love with the couples and the story is so interesting. Everything makes me lose my breath.”

Rafeal | 17 | Portugal – “I love this show because it shows us a world with magic, with mythical creatures, a world that we all want to live in. I love the actors, the characters, the couples, the storyline. Everything about Shadowhunters is incredible.”

Tara | 23 | USA – “I love Shadowhunters because I am in love with how good it is to the books. Plus, Malec, need I say more?”

Lina | 19 | France – “I love this show because all the actors are really good. I’ve also been supporting Kat for years now and I really couldn’t be prouder of what she has achieved as an actress. Shadowhunters is a very good show, and the fanbase is really cool!”

Alessandra | 22 | Brazil – “I love the show because I can identify with the characters, their searches to find themselves, and this is wonderful. Besides that, it is impossible not to fall in love with the friendship on the show above all else. Plus, the impossible loves and the perfect fights.”

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Written by CelebMix