Why Fans Love Skam

We spoke to the fans of Skam to find out why they love it so much.

Skam is a Norwegian TV show that has attracted fans from all over the world. The wide range of diverse characters and storylines has drawn thousands of people in. Fans love following the storylines and the characters as they find that they relate to them and the struggles that they go through. The show has really given its fans a place to find so much comfort and it’s so lovely to see.

Lauryn | 17 | UK – Skam was refreshing to other teen drams as it provided a relatable plot and characters. It managed to keep us all gripped without overdoing any of the episodes to make it unrealistic. We got to know the characters so well that you felt like you were going through the drama with them.

Chloe | 17 | UK – I love Skam because the show is filmed in the point of view from different characters. It also shows what they’re going through. The show also has storylines about important subjects that need to be talked about more such as mental health. And, I also love that they have based a season on a gay could which more shows need to do.

Dani | 18 | UK – I love Skam because it shows that everyone is having troubles in their lives and you should never judge a book by its cover. As it focuses on one character per season, we truly get to see them in a different light then we had in other seasons. Skam also brings light to issues that people have such as mental health, struggling to come to terms with your sexuality or insecurities. I think we need something like this show to show us that everyone is going through something and we shouldn’t always be so quick to judge. It truly is a wonderful, enlightening show to watch and I would highly recommend to anyone despite the language barrier.

Lea | 16 | Denmark – I love Skam because it’s so realistic from some other series’. There’s so much drama, love, hate and other important things. I love that there are so many personalities to all of them and no one is the same.

Emily | 14 | UK – Why do I love Skam? Well as I’ve only just finished series two, I can’t comment on the whole show. But, it deals with so many problems in current society.  We see a possible rape story, a Muslim who gets bullied and a gay person who’s scared to admit his sexuality. A lot of those problems are going on in today’s society. People who watch the show could easily be going through these things and it can help them deal with it. That’s why I love Skam.

Chloe | 18 | UK – Where do I even start with Skam? This show is so special and I love it so much. All of the different characters and story lines give me so much to relate to. It’s an escape from my everyday life and I love it so much. Even is my favourite character and I am so thankful for him. He taught me not to be defined by my mental illness. He also taught me how to love myself which I never thought was possible. Skam is just such an amazing show and I cannot recommend it enough for everyone. Especially teenagers who are still going through education as it has so many story lines and characters. There’s somebody there for everyone to relate to. If you think you can get over the language barrier then please watch Skam.

Vicky | 19 | UK – Skam is just magic in a show. I can’t explain it in any other way than that. It makes me so happy. When I’m watching it, it’s like nothing else matters because I’m happy. I think that is incredible. From someone who hasn’t had the easiest ride in life, this show means the absolute world.

Georgia | 16 | USA – If it wasn’t for Skam, I don’t know what I’d be doing. I definitely would have my life as on track as I do right now. The characters and the story lines are just something that I found so relatable and it is so beautiful. It’s so rare that you find a show that broads such a range of issues and does it so well. I know it blew up when series three started but honestly, series two spoke to me the most. It just touched me so much. Noora’s story line was something I loved, I related to and I just wanted to carry on watching forever. She helped me see my own confidence and gave me the confidence to be independent and so strong. I will never be able to thank Skam enough for what it’s done for me but maybe one day, I’ll find all of the words.

Shannon | 16 | UK – I love Skam because they target social issues without making it unrealistic. Each character has importance within the seasons meaning no character is less important than others. Since each season is in a different point of view of different people it makes it more interesting to watch.

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Written by CelebMix