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Fans Raise Money for Liam Payne’s Birthday

In honour of Liam Payne’s upcoming 23rd birthday (on 29th August), 1D fans are collecting donations for a youth centre in Liam’s home town of Wolverhampton. ‘The Way’ Youth Zone supports the city’s young people, and fans are hoping this is something they can ‘give back’ to Wolverhampton.

Liam has made more of his fans aware of this project by posting a link to the page on his Instagram. He uploaded a photo of his local newspaper, The Wolverhampton Chronicle, and added that his mum had shown him the article. This fundraising effort is so close to where Liam grew up, it obviously resonates with him and his family.

The group leading this project go by the name of ‘1D Fans Give‘ as they aim to give something back after everything that Liam has given to them. This latest fundraising effort is only the most recent in a long line of their work; ‘1D Fans Give‘ were behind the fundraiser for ‘Switchboard’, an LGBT helpline, in honour of Harry Styles’ birthday and often auction 1D-related items to raise money for various charities.

‘1D Fans Give’ have already raised $2,300 (23% of their $10,000 target) for The Way Youth Zone in Wolverhampton. You can donate via JustGiving.

It’s so lovely to see 1D fans spreading some love in honour of the boys, and we love how proud it makes Liam. Send us your thoughts over at CelebMix on Twitter.

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