How fans reacted to: One Direction performing “A.M.” for the first time ever

On Thursday November 26th, One Direction performed at Telehit Awards in Mexico. Though it was a heartwarming performance all around, there’s no doubt the best moment of the night was when they performed their song “A.M.” for the very first time ever!  It was by far one of their best performances in these five years.

A few days later, the lucky mexican fans who were there still couldn’t get over this.  We asked a few of them how they felt in that exact moment. For most of the fans; it was their first time seeing One Direction live – so this brings with it feelings of nostalgia for the amazing experience that a 1D concert is.

Andrea C: I was paying attention to Harry because of HIS VOICE, and then he says they’re gonna sing a song from the new álbum they never sang before and I turn to my friend and told her “They’re singing a new one!!” Then the first verse started and the whole venue yelled with emotion, including me. I grabbed my friend’s arm and started singing and crying! In “You know I’m always coming back to this place” Harry pointed to the ground, HE POINTED TO MEXICO, and he pointed to the crowd in “You know I’m always gonna look for your face”. I don’t know what else to say, the whole venue was singing and the boys got so surprised, maybe they thought we wouldn’t know the words.

Vianeth C: I couldn’t believe it. It’s my favorite song from the whole album and we know it’s hard to decide since all of them are perfect.  This time the boys surpassed themselves. I thought if they sang more than three songs (what was obvious because if they didn’t we would all feel cheated) they would sing any other new one but A.M. I felt it like one of those songs everyone wants to listen live but they would never sing it, like They Don’t Know About Us…I definitely had a sore throat at the end.

Mayte A: It was a surprise, everyone was betting they would sing  What Makes You Beautiful but when they said it was new, there were a few seconds where everyone was wondering which one would it be and when it started we all went crazy. Personally, A.M. is one of my favorites, and it was incredible because they looked so proud and happy!

Mary G: I wasn’t listening to anything they were saying before so I didn’t knew if it was a new song or a classic at first. I was in another world, singing out loud while being totally shocked!  It felt like we were so special because they were singing that song for the very first time.

Amelie S: When the first chords started I didn’t recognize it, but started singing anyway. It was a very good surprise because it’s a track from the deluxe edition and I didn’t think they’d sing it. I was expecting one of the songs they had been singing in previous events, like “History” or “Love you goodbye”. I think is a meaningful song for them (and for me, personally) and they sang it for a reason.  The fact that they rehearsed the song to play it for the first time in Mexico City meant that they gave us something special instead of the same thing and made me feel extremely special. They love us as much as we love them and when they say this place is special for them, they really mean it.

Michell N: I was trying to convince myself I was really there because I couldn’t even feel the ground and when Harry said A.M. I felt like I was fainting, I couldn’t breathe, my mind couldn’t process it.  They sounded so beautiful whenever they said “Sing!” I sang my guts out. The thousands of people sounded like one, and they sounded more beautiful than ever (at least for me). I couldn’t even cry, I didn’t want to, I wanted to sing and to see them every second.

Karla X: I remember in the first chord the whole venue was going crazy and everyone started singing and I was very shocked and didn’t even know how I was singing!  I felt like everything I’ve done was having its reward, as if someone was giving me the chance of being there, and I was also in Platinum seats. And how it was incredible.

Luna C: The adrenaline rush is multiplied when you’re watching them live. Songs like “Little Things” or “Story of my life” give you nostalgia and that sensation that this is probably the last time you’re gonna see them live before the break, you’d wish they were eternal. But when A.M. started the pride of knowing it was the first time they were singing it, in our country… it was an honor. I’ve never felt so privileged before, it was as if all of us were a family, proud of our boys. It was exciting, I don’t know what else to say, because what I felt that night has no words.


The awards were livestreamed, so people from other countries could watch the show. We asked some of them too, here’s what latin american fans had to say:


Kota V (Chile):  It really surprised me how good it sounds live. It’s not that I wasn’t expecting it to sound good, but usually when an artist sings a song for the very first time it may have errors. When I was watching it I fan-girled so so hard because A.M. is one of my favorite songs and it was so special to see.

Laura K (Colombia): Being there or not, there is always something from the boys’ shows that gives me shivers. I loved everything, in cases like this is – I know this is a feeling that will last. I see myself in 65 years looking for videos of them and crying as I remember old times. The A.M. performance was beautiful; I cried, yelled and cried again, I wished so bad to be there, even if I wasnt, I lived it with all my heart. Their voices have improved in such a strong way, their performance in those awards was definitely one of my favorites, I loved it body and soul. I hope everyone there had the best night of their lives, because nothing can compare to the feeling of knowing the boys are there, working hard for you and performances like that show their effort. That’s what I value the most of them as my idols.

Guille O (Argentina): I cried. I screamed a little from happiness, because my parents were asleep. Is one of my favorite songs, so I was singing mute with a suffering face and tears in my eyes. It was beautiful.

Rocy C (Venezuela): Goose bumps, I was holding my tears all in because I couldn’t believe they were singing A.M. and the crowd’s reaction made me so happy. I had mixed feelings, but I mainly wanted to cry – in a good way!  I thought my heart was about to explode. I can’t love them more.

Some people on Twitter also thought it was beautiful!


Just in case you haven’t watched this performance, it’s never too late! Believe us, this totally worth it

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