Fans Start A Charity Fundraiser In Honor of Camila Cabello’s Birthday

Everyone knows that Fifth Harmony fans aka Harmonizers, are some of the most passionate, hardworking and dedicated fans out there. Whenever they have a goal they want to achieve for their girls of Fifth Harmony, they pull out all the stops and do not rest until it’s done. And that does not just go for awards, titles and performances. They also unite to help wherever they can, who could forget the time when the whole fandom came together to help Ally’s mom pay for a back surgery she needed? Definitely one of the most touching acts of kindness we have witnessed, and now they’re back at it again!

With our sweet, lovely Camila Cabello celebrating her 19th birthday on March 3rd, a couple of fans from the UAE and the US had the idea of starting a fundraiser to collect 1,900 dollars (and maybe even more?!) to donate to charity in her honor. They also set up the twitter account @SurpriseMila to bring attention to their project and try to get as many people as possible involved.

“Camila Cabello has always been kind to every soul she meets and in honor of her upcoming 19th birthday, I, my sister and two others are trying our best to give her this memorable gift with your help. We can touch her and the lives of others as she continues to touch ours. Thank you so much for reading this and even more if you’re donating! Let’s make this world a better place.”

The charity in question is called Action Against Hunger and aims to end world hunger, save the lives of malnourished children, fight poverty and aid refugees all over the world.

Camila has always used her voice to do as much good in the world as she can, wherever she can help she does it without question or second thought. Everyone who knows her knows that she is all about love and kindness and just basically an angel in human form, which is why we think this would be the perfect gift for her.


So if you want to help change the world for the better and make Camila smile as a bonus, get involved and donate here.

You can also purchase custom made sweaters or t-shirts with original lyrics from Camila for a limited time here.  (Fans gave Camila one of these sweatshirts for herself too, so you can be twinzies!! All of the proceeds go to the aforementioned charity of course.)

When you can’t find love, make it. – Camila Cabello

Written by CelebMix