Fans Upset as Joe Tate Won’t be Returning to The Emmerdale Village

Emmerdale viewers, especially the Joe Tate fans, had their worries that Joe Tate would not be returning to the Emmerdale Village confirmed. Graham Foster called Joe to say that it would be the ‘last time’ that they would speak. Hence, saying goodbye to Joe for the last time.

Watch the clip where Graham said goodbye to Joe below:

During October of last year, everyone believed that Joe had exited Emmerdale. However, most of the fans, including us, believed that there was still a chance for his return. In March, it was shown that Joe was, in fact, alive, and was in Monte Carlo. However, after last night’s episode, we don’t think he will be returning anytime soon.

Fans were in frenzy on Twitter, as they expressed their devastation after Tuesday night’s episode. One fan asked, “Does that mean we can all stop talking about Joe Tate now???”

With another stating, “I just wish Joe Tate would come back.”

Andrew Scarborough, who portrays Graham, has stated that it was Ned’s choice to leave the soap. Ned Porteous, who portrays Joe Tate, has been trying to break into Hollywood. He has been auditioning for roles over in America. We think it would be amazing for Ned to be in a Hollywood film.

However, it would be nice if Emmerdale left it completely open for Ned to return to Emmerdale still. Earlier this year, a film called Astral, where Ned plays a character called Ben Lawrence, was released. Astral is a film about a detached university student who delves into the world of astral projection.

You can watch the astral trailer below:

Unfortunately, we can’t tell you that Ned will return to Emmerdale, but we can tell you that Emmerdale won’t be the same again without him.

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Written by Emily Severn

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