CelebMix reflects upon 2016 and wishes you a Happy New Year

For many of us, 2016 will be the year that we try to ignore when we’re asked about it in the future. It’s one of those things where you sort of smile and acknowledge at the same time that you want to run away and pretend it didn’t exist at all. If 2016 were a gif, it would most certainly be this one be this one.

Even at the end of a year as tumultuous as this one, it’s nice to reflect back on the good things that did happen in 2016. While there seemed to be more bad than good this year – the good that existed was pretty incredible. From some incredible music, movies, and gripping television to award shows, charity events, and festivals, some of the most interesting things in pop culture history happened this year.

For us, while stressful, 2016 was a year of growth and fun too.  We introduced CelebMix Cares – a charity portion of our website, we got to speak with Christina Grimmy in her last interview before her tragic passing. We featured up and coming musicians and actors who are bound to leave a mark, legends like MC Hammer who will always have star power, and we grew as a team as we learned to work together.

We took a look back at 2016 through our own eyes and wanted to reflect on our favorite moments on CelebMix and in pop-culture.

Jack Crute
For me, the two standout moments on CelebMix this year were the website’s redesign (it’s still not perfect, but it’s a whole load prettier than it once was) and finding an incredible team of editors and writers. We’ve really built on the CelebMix community this year – both in terms of people who write for the site and those who read it. In pop culture, I think Dangerous Woman by Ariana Grande was my highlight music-wise. Great album.

Amber Nordberg
My favorite thing that happened to me this year was the new friends I made and seeing how close we became, being able to be a part of CelebMix and the working amazing people and all the wonderful places I was blessed to visit. My favorite thing in pop culture was seeing Niall and Louis breaking out their solo careers and seeing them smashing it.

Ashley Dye
“When I think of CM in 2016 I’ll think of CelebMix Cares; it was something that took a lot of thought and work and I think it sets us apart. I’ll also think of our continued kindness in journalism and how some people are genuinely surprised to read good things about celebrities; it’s bittersweet. Personally, I’ll think of the professional relationships that were built and the time Amber and I got to meet John MaattaI also got to meet Norman Reedus because of CM and that’s been a dream come true. In pop-culture; season 6’s end and 7’s beginning of The Walking Dead destroyed me but Negan’s character being introduced was an incredible part of the story and changed the game completely. I’ll also always think of Niall’s first single and Louis’ too, and the strength Louis displayed on the x-factor stage when performing that night for his mother. The year was tough, a lot of bright lights were taken from the entertainment world but the outpouring of support and openness after some of those deaths will stand out to me too. Stigmas are being broken, and it’s taking heartbreak to do so, but it’s happening.”

Josephine Sjelhøj
“I am so proud of the launch of CelebMix Cares where we aim to spread awareness about important causes in this world. I am also very proud of our annual awards which we have just ended. I loved seeing our readers come together to support their favourite celebs. My favourite pop culture moments from 2016 were the three following:
1: Ariana Grande and Nicki Minaj’s performance at the VMA’s.
2: The entire second season of Scream Queens.
3: Matt Terry and Nicole Scherzinger’s ‘Purple Rain’ duet at the X Factor final.” 

Jonathan Currin
I’ve only been a part of CelebMix since July, and it’s been a good five months so far! I have written 200 articles (dead on!) for CelebMix so far so I’m excited for the new year. Favourite thing about CelebMix is making my Nerve quiz, I loved doing that and I received a great response from everyone who had a go at it. Best thing in pop culture was Inna performing in Dublin, Ireland and me getting the chance to go. First time seeing Inna and she was AMAZING! (Then she spotted me in the crowd twice and pointed at me, HIGHLIGHT OF MY LIFE).

Brynn McCarthy
I don’t think I could pinpoint a specific moment that stood out to me this year. Thinking of 2016 as a whole, I have loved how the world has come together even though many happenings have tried to tear people apart. Things like the Orlando shooting, the death of Christina Grimme, David Bowie, Prince, Louis’ mom Jay, and now George Micheal, police brutality, terrorist attacks, and even Fifth Harmony losing one of their members. Throughout all the darkness, people are still looking for light. Whether that’s tweeting out condolences, helping a neighbor, or trying to make someone laugh with a meme, the people of the world have more hope than ever before. And it’s so beautiful to see people come together or even start a movement to better society. Some of my favorite moments from this year were watching the commemorable response to Louis Tomlinson’s song “Just Hold On”, the amount of artists singing renditions of “Purple Rain”, and especially hearing about the gay marriage law being passed. 2016 may seem like a terrible year, but that’s only if you are looking from a “glass half empty, not half full” perspective. Just think of how many amazing albums were released this year! Or even how many world tours went on or were announced! There’s so much to celebrate for! I’ve seen the change in the media this year. For every bad tweet about the election, there are two tweets of positivity directed at that person living in fear. CelebMix has been one of those positive outlets for people to go to. I have loved working for a site that’s motto is to spread positivity and find the good in every situation. Even with some of my own articles, I know I’m positively touching the life of at least one person and that’s something I will forever cherish. I have seen CelebMix grow professionally and developmentally and I have worked with some of the most talented and beautiful people. I know 2017 will be a great year. Just think about how many possibilities there are for the future! Better yet, think of all the amazing things that could happen! If 2016 was your darkness, let 2017 be your light. Cheers to a new year.

Brenda Godinez
Y’all probably saw this coming from me because I honestly will never shut up about it. My stand out moment in CM this year was definitely when Lauren Jauregui, someone I admire wholeheartedly, read and thanked me for basically writing an open letter as to why I think she’s amazing. That has been the only time one of my articles has been “noticed” & the fact that it was her made my entire year. My favorite moment in pop culture this year? Hmmm, I’ll have to say FINALLY seeing twenty-one pilots and Melanie Martinez live.

Susie Mareckova
My favourite thing that happened to CelebMix is probably the fact how much closer we all became. I feel like we all are definitely closer than before.
In pop culture, it’s defo Zayn’s Mind of Mine, The 1975’s I like it when you sleep, for you are so beautiful yet so unaware of it and Louis’ and Steve Aoki’s single. Oh, and the film Fantastic beasts and where to find them and DEADPOOL omg.

Cayla Masters
I’ve been a writer at CelebMix for only a few months now, but these few months have been incredibly knowledgeable and introduced me to a group of such talented writers. Everyone here has managed to teach me something– whether it’s a new style of writing or simply introducing me to an artist I was unfamiliar with. It’s a breath of fresh air knowing this staff shares the same exact passions as I do and speak the same “pop culture” language. It’s been a pleasure to end my year on a high note as a contributor at CelebMix. As a Twitter enthusiast, live tweeting the American Music Awards was a highlight for me. I adored being able to engage with fans of the site who too treated the AMAs as if it were the Superbowl. I’m truly grateful to be a part of this team and I’m excited to see what the new year brings! My favorite pop culture moment of 2016 was watching Shawn’s artistry mature and being in the crowd when he played a sold out, captivating show at Madison Square Garden. As someone who’s been a fan since his good old Vine days, I feel like a proud mom watching him grow and reach such incredible milestones in his career. Also, Illuminate is a life-changing album and I can’t get enough.

Azraa Nope
I loved the fact that I interviewed and followed the career of Luke Black! Not by the fact that he was my first interview, but because he’s close to home, and he was just so awesome. Also got the chance to work with his manager Alek, who was kind enough to add me on the promo list, basically just means I get free article ideas and free music. Shoutout to Alek! I also loved reaching out to Beliebers for the “Why fans love Justin Bieber” article and the “Fans review: Justin Bieber’s first ever concert in Croatia”. I stayed in touch with some of the fans that sent in their stories, and they’re all so amazing! Also, I love how much CM is expanding and how much recognition we’re getting! And the “new” look! And the “new” writers! And the Secret Santa! Just basically everything. Pop culture? I’ll name a few things: -Deadpool (first thing that came to mind), Civil War, “This Town” (still drowning in tears every time i listen to it), “Just hold on” (still drowning in tears every time i listen to it) and Cursed Child.”

Annemarie Cutruzzola
My favorite thing that has happened to me this year at CelebMix was Dodie Clark reading my review of her EP and tweeting me saying “you get me and you get my art”. As both a fan and aspiring journalist, it was one of the best compliments I could ever receive. Another highlight for me this year was completing first ever interview, with Tessa Violet! I was so nervous but everything turned out wonderful. However, my absolute favorite part of CelebMix in 2016 was being apart of a community of fantastic writers and all-around fabulous people. They are all inspirations to me and have helped me grow and feel part of a family. I’ll never forget the moment my first article was published, back in May. I had no idea it would be the start of such an incredible journey.  As for pop culture, the new Little Mix era has been amazing so far! Bring on the Glory Days! (Hopefully, 2017 will finally be the year I see them live). Also, seeing various YouTubers taking on bigger projects and gradually being accepted by traditional media has been lovely to witness.

Chloe Green
My favourite Celebmix things to happen this year were becoming a part of it. I’ve made so many friends here and I love writing for such an amazing, positive website. I also loved when Beau noticed my Why Fans Love articles because that article had so many beautiful fan stories in, I loved writing it. And my favourite thing in pop culture this year was Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them, being transported back to such a magical place was incredible and going back to my childhood. Also, Rogue One because it was incredible, Star Wars has always been one of my safe places when it comes to films and I loved every second of it. And my last pop culture thing was Before You Exit releasing Clouds because it was just such a beautiful song and a beautiful tribute to their best friend which was Christina and it touched me so much, they’re one of my favourite bands and it just made me cry so much as it was just so moving.

Georgia Brown
I haven’t been at CM for very long but one of my favourite things so far has been the why fans love twenty-one pilots article. It was really nice seeing how each person expressed their love for tøp and their impact, as well as their passion when describing a live show they’d been to. Another thing would be the article of the Australian duo’s (those who dream) cover of tøp where they mentioned me when reaching out for coverage. Nothing like that had happened to me before so it was quite shocking as well as making me realize that people do pay attention to your articles and people do like what you write even if you don’t feel like it. Lastly, I love how welcoming everyone is here. I’m not very good at putting myself out there so even writing this now I’m a bit nervous so it’s reassuring to be around such lovely, caring individuals :) I’m not sure if this would count as pop culture 100% but seeing twenty-one pilots live for the first time was incredible. I and my best friend saw one of our favourite bands for my birthday at the beginning of the year and managed to hold Josh Dun up on a platform during their last song. I could go on and on about that night. Also, Green Day releasing Revolution Radio, The Walking Dead as a whole and the trailer for The Last of Us Part Two.

Charley Louise
Being a part of something so genuine is definitely my favourite, but as well as that interviewing Trixie Mattel was a huge stand out for me! Also, being surrounded by so many different supportive people!

Nicola Craig
My favourite memory from CelebMix was getting such a great response for the pieces I wrote about James McVey speaking out about bullying, exam stress, and other issues many of us face. Him seeing and commenting on one of the pieces was a highlight. BUT being lucky enough to interview Rebecca Ferguson was a career highlight, not just a CelebMix one. Pop culture highlight for me would be seeing my favourite band (The Vamps) in six different countries this year and seeing how the reception and crowd behavior varied. Glory Days by Little Mix was also a massive highlight musically.

Katherine Jiang
“My favourite things that happened to me at CM this year was being able to conduct my first interviews and cover the Rio Olympics! They were both such fun and interesting learning experiences that I not only enjoyed, but taught me more about journalism along the way. September marked a year with CelebMix, and through the ups and downs, I’m so happy to have grown with such an amazing team. One of my favourite things that happened in pop culture was probably Childish Gambino releasing a single from his new album, “Awaken, My Love!” since it was such a different sound than what I thought it would be – which I absolutely love. Another awesome 2016 memory was watching one of my favourite artists, gnash become popular so quickly! It’s bittersweet when an artist is no longer your little secret, but I’m so happy that he’s finally getting the recognition he deserves.”

Alexandra Nagy
For me, this year literally started with CelebMix. I became a member of this big and amazing family that is CelebMix… so I really have to say that this year has been the best year in my life so far. CelebMix has given me so many amazing opportunities that I still just can’t believe. CelebMix has given me power and strength to fight for my dreams. CelebMix has given me guardian angels who are always there for me when I don’t think I’m good enough to do something, who encourage me and make me believe in myself every single day. This year, I was also able to meet so many great people. I also had the chance to meet one of my biggest idols, BBC Radio Derby’s Owen Bradley, who’s even more humble and generous in person! I could meet my favourite football players, I could finally attend a game of my favourite football team…and it was incredible to see Derby County winning a home game, it was particularly incredible to see their first goal just a meter away from me.
I am now also admitted to my dream school where I’ll study journalism. I was able to “travel the world” this year… I’ve been to so many wonderful places…
2016 was really good to me, and I just hope that 2017 will be more special. In pop culture, my favourite thing that happened was Olly Murs’ new album 24HRS, which I’m still jammin to!

Here’s lookin at you 2017.

Written by Ashley

Writer, coffee drinker, mother.