Fashion is Passion – Fashion and Lifestyle Influencer Marlo Tuaty 

Passion is like fuel to your motivation to help you travel towards your success. It develops when you deeply love what you do and have an invested desire to cultivate and improve your skills. Marlo Tuaty, an unprecedented woman, from Miami, Florida sets a beautiful example for women over 30 crushing it as a social media fashion and beauty influencer. Marlo has her Masters in Speech Language Pathology and has been a Bilingual Speech Language Pathologist for over 22 years. While she was doing exceptionally well in her field, she also had an invested interest in Fashion. She has been surrounded by fashion all of her life even as a little girl. Marlo’s mother and father owned two High End women’s fashion boutiques in Miami, Florida called Dimensions Boutique. Marlo would work with her parents on the weekends which only made her love for fashion grow fonder.  Marlo remembers going with her mother to fashion marts to pick out items for the boutique and that’s where her love of fashion flourished!

Marlo’s love for clothes and style grew as she developed her own fashion style. She has had a unique way of understanding trends and prides herself on both finding a great deal as well as picking out high end items that are quality and worth the investment. With a great amount of passion and perseverance, she started her own blog named “Petite Miami Girl” in an effort to relate to women that wanted to look good and feel great.

Marlo’s first endeavour into owning her own fashion brand was a jewellery line. To quench her thirst for doing something more in the fashion industry, she started researching fashion blogging and social media influencing for almost a year before taking the leap and sharing her knowledge about fashion, trends, deals and style on her blog Petite Miami Girl.

She took the risk of starting a new venture as a fashion blogger and influencer where she engages with her audience in various areas- Fashion, Lifestyle as well as Beauty brands. Marlo Tuaty loves creating content on Instagram, Facebook and TikTok including Instagram stories, try-ons and daily tips on what’s hot, what’s not and what the best deals are for the modern woman. She also sheds light on family friendly items for home, hot fashion trends and everything in between. 

Her passion for sharing about fashion shows up in her Instagram and Facebook stories where she does try-ons and un-boxing videos letting her audience in on what’s really in style and what they should invest in and why. She is an authentic fashion influencer who shares items that she genuinely believes in. As a successful social media fashion influencer, she is authentic and approachable.  Her claim to fame is how much attention she gives to really showcasing the products she loves and actually uses. Many influencers share products and do collaborations for the monetary incentive. Not Marlo. She gives unbiased opinions and reviews of fashion, beauty, home and every-day products because her reputation matters. She is very honest with her work and always aims to connect with her audience. If you ever have the chance to watch any of Marlo’s video content, you will instantly see a relatable, honest influencer who adds humour, humanity and humility to all of her product reviews.  Tired of the average influencer pumping out collabs without any personality or passion? You won’t find that with Marlo Tuaty and Petite Miami Girl blog.  Her expertise in fashion translates to not only what the best deals are but how the products rate on value, consumer satisfaction and of course how it makes her audience feel.  Afterall, fashion is passion and when we look good, we feel good.  If you are looking for honest product reviews, a sense of humour and tons of relatable content, you won’t want to miss catching Marlo on stories daily.  

Written by Peter Jones