Favorite breakfasts of Bollywood stars

Bollywood celebrities always attract attention and they are always a role model for many people. Many people follow their lifestyle and dress style. Not only lifestyle and dress style, their favorite breakfasts also keep attracting attention and therefore, imitated by his fans. To be honest, the level of our obsession with them is so high that we write this article. If you are still curious, keep reading!

Tiger Shroff

The actor is very famous for his amazing dance style. With a perfectly cut body, no woman does not fall in love with him. His breakfast style is 8 egg whites combined with a bowl of wheat with milk. What’s interesting is that Tiger is a true vegetarian.

Hrithik Roshan

You might imagine this great actor’s diet as a diet rich in fat and protein. In fact, this handsome actor is only accustomed to five egg whites and a plate of fresh fruit pieces. For information, this actor is much disciplined with his diet. He always suggests that weight problems are always associated with indiscipline. Hrithik Roshan is the best example for discipline in keeping the diet.

Kareena Kapoor

This beautiful actress regularly consumes bananas and a cup of coffee. Sometimes she adds Paratha and a few peanuts. Oil is not what Kareena avoids.

Deepika Padukone

Deepika loves southern Indian tastes. Upma and Sin are what she wants to deal with and sometimes she is seen enjoying egg whites and omelets. Apparently she’s just concentrated on limiting cholesterol and vegetarianism is not her lifestyle. Deepika is a very fanatic actress with traditional Indian food.

Salman Khan

As a true Dabangg Bollywood, he has a unique breakfast menu. This handsome actor is used to five egg whites, a bowl full of vegetables, three pieces of brown bread and a glass of low-fat milk.

Shilpa Shetty

Shilpa Shetty is a very crazy fitness woman. She is very nourishing her caloric intake and her breakfast menu is all about protein shakes, raisins and nuts. After all, she does not spend more than 8 raisins in the morning.

Madhuri Dixit

She is a Dhak Dhak girl from Bollywood and it makes sense to see how beautiful she looks to date. She only drinks a glass of juice for her breakfast menu; it seems this is the secret why she has a smooth skin.

Priyanka Chopra

As Desi’s girl from Bollywood, Priyanka is accustomed to eating homemade food at breakfast. What stands out is Paratha accompanied by bread and Sabji. With these three foods, the actress believes she can start each day in fresh and full of energy.

Shraddha Kapoor

The young actress is quite tolerant of anything as long as it is not spicy. Dalia, Poha and Thepla are her three favorites. If she does not find them, she is quite satisfied with some oily Paratha and desi Daal.

John Abraham

John Abraham is one of “the Bollywood fitness teachers.” His lifestyle has inspired many people. With 6 egg whites combined with fresh juice and ten almonds, he can keep his weight steady at normal levels. Sometimes a piece of buttered bread is in his plate.

Now you have understood how Bollywood celebrities start their day. What can be concluded is that egg whites seem to be an integral part of their breakfast. They seem to keep cholesterol even though sometimes, oily Paratha can be an exception. If you want to get more information,

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Written by digidog sigi