Feature: Fans, Idols and the Cyberworld

More and more girls today have an idol. For many fans it’s important to be able to communicate with their idols and the most popular is through internet . To interact with their idol many girls use a lot of media like Twitter, Facebook, instagram…But what consequences you are willing to face to chase your dreams?

Often girls are willing to do anything to be able to achieve their goals, and this makes them more helpless and defenseless and are easily deceived, they fall into the trap of people with bad intentions.

Often the wish to realize their dreams is so strong to the point of not being able to see and accept the truth.

You could do a lot of examples of fake accounts that have deceived many girls into believing that it was the official account but instead was nothing but fiction to deceive poor fan too enlightened for the idea of ??talking with their idols to be able to admit that in actually they weren’t talking to their idols but only with another of those “fake accounts” who pretend to be real.

Perhaps behind those accounts there are only other fans or people who want to make fun of an entire fandom or worse…

An example is the account @Harry_Private17 (on Twitter)

I am shocked for the number of fans who believe he’s the real Harry Styles and who continue to idolize him and follow him and write to him. But they don’t know that he is only another fake and they trust him..

Besides being an identity theft (since he continues to admit that he’s the real harry) he has also deceived many girls.

I’ve personally reported this account to Twitter even if for now there aren’t results … However, there are many of these cases in the world and I want to make an appeal to all fans : Anyone who is your idol, whatever your dream, you mustn’t to chose the easy way to realize it because there isn’t a easy way. There are always difficulties to face and you mustn’t believe anyone who offers you the victory on a silver platter because almost always it’s a deception. Instead you have to struggle to achieve your dreams because your every I force sooner or later will be rewarded, never give up, I know what it means to be a fan and I know that to reach a goal, you must fight with all of yourself and in the end if you really want to realize your dream, it will come true even if it seem impossible. Don’t allow anyone to trample on your dreams and don’t allow anyone to deceive you because no one has the right do that. And remember, the only true account is the one with the symbol “verified” next to the name, don’t trust those who pretend to be who he really isn’t.

Written by CelebMix