Feature Film “Shangri-La Suite” Releases New Trailer

Shangri-La Suite would come off as a movie about a troubled boy and a troubled girl who meet and fall in love. That’s kind of true if you throw in the fact that they want to kill Elvis together. Yes, we said it, kill Elvis.

In a previous post we mentioned the release date, but it has since been pushed back to just “Fall 2016”. This is Director Eddie O’Keefe’s first feature film and it’s going to be a great one. It has everything you’d really want in a movie. Love, action, throwback fashion, a plot to kill Elvis…there’s no wrong doing here.

The backstory from the trailer shows that Luke Grimes’s character, Jack Blueblood, has had an odd fascination with Elvis since he was a kid. He brings along Karen Bird (Emily Browning), a girl he meets and falls in love with to help him out. Elvis is played by Ron Livingston and Avan Jogia plays Teijo Littlefoot.

Fans have been so excited for the trailer release, that it seemed to have blown their minds when it did.

To watch the first trailer, check it out here!

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Written by CelebMix