Felicite Tomlinson Has A New Website In The Works and We Are Excited!

When it comes to the Tomlinson’s; there is not only compassion and kindness coursing through their veins – but talent and a drive to make their dreams come true.  Felicite Tomlinson is proving this to be true by branching out and starting up a new website.  While it’s not open to the public just yet; it’s sure to be an incredible step for the 15 year old who is no stranger to building her brand online.  Felicite had her own clothing line for a period of time and frequently uses social media to interact with her followers and discuss social issues, beauty, and uses her platform to encourage others.


Felicity posted a photo on Instagram today with the caption “Click on the link in my bio and sign up to receive a notification when my website opens.  Trying to create something for you all while also helping others“.

She also posted a sneak peek of the website on her Twitter and Snapchat accounts

It looks like there will definitely be a store, some make up/skin care products, and as she said on her Instagram profile; a way to help others – does this mean she’ll give tips to young followers, perhaps donate some of her sales to charities? Only time will tell, but we’re sure whatever her end goal is, her followers will be happy to help and interested to see what this new venture has in store for Felicite.

There is a sign up at felicitetomlinson.com where you may enter your email address and be notified once her website opens!  We’ve definitely already signed up and can’t wait until the site is unveiled, it’s sure to be a massive hit.

Written by Ashley

Writer, coffee drinker, mother.