Félicité Tomlinson shuts down body shamers with empowering Instagram post

Earlier today, Louis Tomlinson’s little sister, Félicité, posted an Instagram picture of herself where she’s wearing a t-shirt and shorts. Shortly after, several comments were posted how “I wouldn’t want my teenage daughter doing this” and “your mother should control you”. Keep in mind that Félicité is a 15-year-old girl. 

Being a teenage girl is challenging for everybody; you go through the stage of your life where you’re trying to find yourself. Being a teenage girl who also happens to be the little sister of a worldwide superstar can also have its downsides. Every single move she makes is scrutinized by people who aren’t afraid of voicing their own “opinions”. But when do opinions start to become harmful?

Telling a 15-year-old girl that she shouldn’t post a picture of herself wearing shorts because it’s too sexy is wrong. There is absolutely nothing sexual about a young woman wearing a pair of shorts – if you think that there is, then you’re probably the one with the problem. This is why Félicité decided to speak out. She wrote, “By telling young girls what they can and can’t wear because it’s “inappropriate” or against a “dress code” is perpetuating rape culture and adding to female oppression. Different things empower different people and my body is just one of the things that empowers me.” 

As Félicité writes, we should teach our children that we shouldn’t feel ashamed of our bodies. They should also be taught that our bodies are so much more than sexual objects. Women should feel empowered to wear what they want. Some women feel confident and empowered when they’re completely covered up, others feel better if they’re showing off their bodies, and that’s okay. We should teach our kids that no matter what women are wearing we shouldn’t tear them down.

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Different things empower different people. Was so shocked by some of the comments on this picture. "I wouldn't want my teenage daughter doing this" "your mother should control you". Like is the world we live in still so ignorant. Teach your children that their body is so much more than something to be sexualised. My body can carry and feed a baby and it is beautiful and people are still offended by seeing it in shorts. By telling young girl what they can and can't wear because it's "inappropriate" or against a "dress code" is perpetuating rape culture and adding to female oppression. Different things empower different people and my body is just one of the things that empowers me. Educating myself, educating others, feeling love and passion empowers me too. Find what empowers you and don't shame others for having different views to you. (As long as they are not harmful to others)

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We applaud Félicité Tomlinson for speaking out against body shamers and for empowering other women. However, we also feel saddened that she even needs to post something like this. Hopefully, this will make more people aware of body positivity.

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