Fifth Harmony Celebrate One Year of ‘Worth It’

The ladies of Fifth Harmony have definitely risen up since their X Factor days and a lot of it has to do with one song that changed everything. Their single ‘Worth It’ was released a year ago today and is now the best selling single by a girl group in Billboard history! The single has gone to reach triple platinum status in the U.S. and has peaked at number 12 on the charts. Since then, the ladies have racked up awards, radio play, and even stage time with Taylor Swift!

This song was a game changer for their career and will forever be special for the girls and the Harmonizer fandom. The song has such a catchy beat and lyrics and it’s been a while since the public has seen a group of beautiful, confident, and talented women in the spotlight so there’s no question as to why ‘Worth It’ became such a huge hit. In honor of #1YearOfWorthIt, we put together a list of top 5 performances of their hit single!

Fifth Harmony Celebrates One Year of 'Worth It' 1

5. Billboard Women in Music Awards

Here the girls give us a beautiful acoustic taste of ‘Worth It’.

4. BET The Players Awards

During this performance the girls give off so much sass and energy that you just might have to result to using words such as “YAAASSSS” and “SLAAAYYY” to describe it. That’s how fierce this performance was. Everything from their outfits to their dancing was on point.

3. The Today Show

This performance blew us away! Even though they walked to the stage for a lot of the beginning, they started strong, interacted with the audience, and ended strong. Their outfits were hot and there was a lot of sass. The live band also added a little extra to the overall performance

2.  Radio Disney Music Awards

It was hard not to make this their number one performance because it was just that good! They were so in sync and actually looked like a group rather than 5 individuals taking the stage. They interacted with each other and their audience and the outfits and vocals were sharp. Also that beginning with ‘Dance with Somebody’ added an extra special spin to the performance.

1. Jimmy Kimmel Live

It was hard to choose a top performance but this has to be it! Adding Kid Ink and the backup dancers makes this a standout performance. The outfits and the stage lighting also add to coolness of the set. Their vocals were sharp, dancing was sharp, the sass was real, and it was just an overall great performance to promote their single, especially to a late night audience.

So there is our top 5 performances of ‘Worth It’ that Fifth Harmony have done over the year. Of course the time they performed it with Taylor Swift during the 1989 Tour deserves an honorable mention.

Congrats Fifth Harmony on the success of ‘Worth It’! We can’t wait to see what more success the following year will bring and what 5H2 will sound like!


Written by CelebMix