Why Fifth Harmony Is A Management’s Dream

Right from the start, Fifth Harmony turned heads with their impeccable raw vocals and infectious chemistry. Formed on the second season of the U.S X factor, they quickly became a force to be reckoned with.The Girl group that is comprised from Ally, Normani, Camila, Dinah Jane and Lauren finished third on the show and went on to be a multi platinum selling girl group. In fact, they went on to be one of the highest selling acts from a U.S reality singing competition. They went on to achieve greatness. However, there is no denying that the odds were never in their favour.

They competed on the X factor after being newly formed. They had to learn about each other, their voices , beliefs and keep everything aside for the competition.On top of that, they had to compete against veteran groups and solo acts with distinct voices and sounds. They overcame that and finished third place after their army of fans called the Harmonizers fought and voted so hard for them week after week.

The Harmonizers are a great force. They are a force of nature. They are smaller than most fandoms, yet fight twice as hard. I have never seen anything like that in my entire life. These fans believe in the group so much that they campaigned for them to be nominated for multiple fan voted awards. On top of that, they won them awards when they were up against huge artists such as One Direction and Justin Bieber. I really discovered how powerful they were a couple of weeks ago during VMA voting when they managed to close a million gap of votes in a matter of hours when they were up against a much bigger fandom.

Fifth Harmony is a unique group because all the girls in it come from different ethnicities and backgrounds.They all have different body sizes and personalities.They all have distinct styles.There is always a girl in the group that someone from the general public will relate to, if this makes any sense. Their voices are all unique and well defined, yet when they blend it together in harmonization, magic is created. They are all relatable in charismatic, which is why the general public adores them.The girls are also extremely humble, generous and have great heads on their shoulders. They are appreciative of what they have and it is translated in their actions.They are also aware of social issues, which makes them that much more real, loved and respected by older audiences.

It is a fact that managements are never willing to invest copious amounts of money on girl groups simply because they don’t think that there is a clear target market for them.Boy groups have made it in the industry because they are easier to market and package to tweens and teens everywhere.But with fans such as the harmonizers and girls such as the Fifth Harmony girls I wouldn’t even think twice about investing in them. Just wait … Fifth Harmony is coming for you and will soon become a household name.

Written by CelebMix