Fifth Harmony Recieves Advice From Harry Styles

Fifth Harmony and One Direction both have success stories that are quite similar. Girl group Fifth Harmony were created on the X-Factor US while boyband One Direction were created on the X-Factor UK. Both groups have/had five members and have also gone through their fair share of break up rumors.

Dinah-Jane Hansen, member of Fifth Harmony, recently revealed in an interview with Entertainment Tonight that One Direction member Harry Styles gave the girls some advice to staying together.

“I remember we were in rehearsals,” Hansen revealed, “and he came up to us and told us as a group, ‘All five of you should be on the same page and the closest things to each other because around all five of you there are gonna be people that are gonna come and try to snatch you. People are gonna try to break you guys apart. So as long as you five are your best friends, that’s the most important.'”

Members of both groups have ventured out and done solo projects already. Although the two will eventually break up, we can only hope that it will be nowhere in the near future! Let us know what you think of Styles’ advice by commenting below or Tweeting us at @CelebMix

Written by CelebMix