Fifth Harmony’s top 5 girl power songs

Fierce five-some Fifth Harmony are renowned for empowering women, young and old, across the globe through their attitudes, strong personalities and kind hearts, however, they also inspire their fellow females through their rather epic music.

5H have a lot of songs which are perfect for anyone in need of a little extra girl power in their lives so we though we would share with you our top five Fifth Harmony songs (see what we did there? 5? 5H? Okay, never mind) which spread positivity amongst all girls and give us all a stab of  “UGH YES, I’VE GOT THIS!” in our chests.

So, without further ado, let’s take a look at which girl power Fifth Harmony songs made it into our list! (Don’t worry, we still love all 5H songs equally)


This was the lead single from the girls’ debut album, ‘Reflection,’ and so not only gave the world a taste of what amazing music was to come, but showed that, from the start, they have been all about girl power. With references to two of the world’s most powerful women, Michelle Obama and Oprah, and lyrics confessing their self confidence and independence, this track is the ultimate song for any career woman working hard to make it big. It’s also perfect for any girl who perhaps needs a pick-me-up and a voice to say, “Gurl, you’ve got this!”

‘Brave, Honest, Beautiful’

‘Brave,’ ‘Honest’ and ‘Beautiful’ are three adjectives Fifth Harmony want every girl to use to describe themselves after listening to this song. They use the track to remind girls that they are more than capable of competing with the greats. Yes you can dance like Beyonce, shake like Shakira and pose like Madonna – who is to tell you that you can’t? This track also features guest vocals from mega babe Meghan Trainor, a star who is also all about female empowerment, and her verse features uplifting lyrics such as, “Show all the world you know you’re hot.”

‘That’s My Girl’

‘That’s My Girl’ is a song that has been used for the Olympics, and rightly so, as it’s all about making women feel strong and reminding them that, no matter how many times they fall down, they can get back up, for example, the track contains the lyrics, “You’ve been down before, you’ve been hurt before, you got up before.” It also mentions the legends that are Destiny’s Child, (“Destiny said it you’ve got to get up and get it”) and is a reminder to every female out there that there is someone rooting for them.

‘Me & My Girls’

We think the title of this song pretty much speaks for itself, right? ‘Me & My Girls’ is a fun pop song which has got to be the soundtrack to every girly sleepover! It’s all about having a laugh with your girlfriends whilst dancing around to your favourite songs in your PJs, taking selfies and singing your heart out. This song encourages female friendship and is truly an anthem for girls sticking together and living in the moment.


Last but never least, we have ‘Reflection.’ When you first listen to this song, it’s easy to assume the girls are singing to a guy, with lyrics such as “You’d be rich if looking good was your profession” and “Think I’m in love, ’cause you so sexy,” however, the girls quickly turn things around with the line, “Boy, I ain’t talkin’ about you, I’m talking to my own reflection.” ‘Reflection’ is about all the things 5H want girls to say to themselves when they look in the mirror, encouraging them to be proud of their appearance and to be confident without feeling as though they are bragging. This track is a really refreshing one for the music industry as it contains some of the most fierce, sassy and empowering lyrics that young girls need to hear.

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Written by CelebMix