Fifth to Million and Harry Styles’ Birthday Drive

The One Direction fandom is always in motion when it comes to supporting Harry, Louis, Liam, and Niall – both as individuals and as a band.  While Louis’ birthday month winds down the fandom is already anticipating Harry’s birthday and his drive has begun!

Fifth to Million has decided to raise money for Harry’s birthday for a lovely cause that deserves all the recognition possible. The London Lesbian and Gay Switchboard serves as a special place to donate Harrys Birthday money to since such a large part of the One Direction fan base identifies as LGBTQ+.

The stats Fifth to Million compiled about LGBTQ+ youth are eye opening and further serve purpose to drive the very giving fandom to donate to this charity drive and help people feel safe in their own communities.

Over 70% of LGBT+ teenagers hear homophobic slurs on a daily basis. Six out of ten students feel unsafe in their own schools because of their sexual orientation and four out of ten feel unsafe in a school setting because of their gender expression. 40% of homeless youth is LGBT+ who’ve been kicked out from their own homes; the #1 reason behind them living on the streets is family rejection. LGBT+ suicide attempts are 4x higher than those who identify as straight. LGBT+ teenagers are more likely to turn to drug use, self-inflicted harm, alcoholic tendencies and form unhealthy relationships than those who identify as straight.

Harry Styles has served as a beacon of hope and light for every fan of One Direction regardless of how they identified, who they loved, or how they lived as long as they did so with kindness and compassion; and even when people didn’t show kindness and compassion first – Harry still loved them too.  His ability to look past the things that shouldn’t matter and focus on the hearts of fans have given fans the love they needed to be brave.  One Direction concerts are full of color, full of sparkle, full of rainbows, and full of love; and in large, that’s thanks to Harry Styles and his belief that all people are equal and worthy of acceptance and that all people should feel safe, no matter where they are.

It’s been said before that One Direction concerts are a home for fans who don’t have one anywhere else, that One Direction songs bring a sense of love to fans who don’t feel it anywhere else, and that Harry, Louis, Liam, and Niall have become friends to fans who don’t feel care and acceptance from people in their lives.  The simple fact that a band means so much to such a large fan base says a lot about who One Direction are as a band, but even more about who they are as individuals.

Harry’s birthday isn’t until February but the holidays are upon us and with extra generosity in the air we thought now was the perfect time to showcase this lovely charity drive and hope that our readers will support Fifth to Million, Harry, and the entire One Direction fandom that we all belong to.

Thank you, Fifth to Million for heading this charity drive and thank you for choosing such a worthy recipient of the donations.

Love wins; always. 

Written by Ashley

Writer, coffee drinker, mother.