Film Jackets is Your Go To Stop for The Best Superhero Gear

In a world that is too often cruel and hard to navigate, a species of subhumans were created to give hope, security, and the resurrection of dreams to those who lost sight of them somewhere along the way.  These subhumans are better known as superheroes and they’ve always been there to show that regardless of the mask, the shield, or the power – the heart that gives off bravery is the heart that comes out victorious.

If you’re a fan of superheroes, you know they’ve been around for years in comics, in series, and on film but there is truly no time like the present to be a fan of these larger than life defenders.  Through comic cons, smash blockbuster films, and new comic books  – 2015 and 2016 have been two years where a resurgence of bravery was shown through some of the best ‘good guys’ out there and we’ve been lucky to witness it.

Whether you find yourself as more Captain America or Batman, Superman or Wonder Woman, Black Widow or even The Winter Soldier – there’s no feeling better than putting on a shirt, jacket, or badge of honor that depicts your favorite superhero, and there’s no shortage in places to find them.  You can’t browse online or walk through a local shopping center without seeing Captain America’s shield, Batman’s symbol, or Superman’s signature ‘S’ on all sorts of merchandise!  While reading the comics and watching the films are great – there’s no feeling like proudly showing off your favorite in a way that’s both fashionable and meaningful to fans.

So when we wanted to show off our favorite superhero, our first stop was FJackets! Film Jackets not only has one of the most incredible displays of superhero jackets and pullovers for all fans, they have exact replicas of the jackets your favorite superheroes (and even villains) wear in films!  This means you can walk around looking just as incredible as your favorites do on the big screen, and honestly, who doesn’t want that?

We are a bit in love with Captain America -who isn’t – so we knew upon browsing the site that we had to have his varsity jacket.  His badge on the front, the red and white stripes on the bottom of the sleeve and on the collar, and the stylish look of the product made it a home run for us.


Not only are the products aesthetically pleasing, they are made to last and done so with such great quality that we didn’t get through our first day with the product on without being stopped, multiple times, with people dying to know where we got our jacket.  These stand out against a crowd as well for the unique style of the items, how they look good with any fashion, and how much detail is put into the jackets.

The varsity style jackets are lightweight enough to be worn over a tank top as the summer evenings cool down or even as fall approaches, over a v-neck or long sleeve shirt as your outerwear so not only are you warm, you look great!

After one of these jackets blew us away this much, we only plan to make this our go to shop for more superhero outerwear, and since our Halloween costume this year is Harley Quinn, we are already eying her jacket from Suicide Squad that looks exactly like what we’ve seen so far in previews for the film.  Check out their entire stock of varsity jackets here and let us know what you end up purchasing!

Written by Ashley

Writer, coffee drinker, mother.