Film Review and Giveaway: 1 Night starring Anna Camp and Justin Chatwin

The film 1 Night begins by posing the question, “If you could go back, would you”? What if you could go back with the knowledge that nothing would change, would you still want to re-live a few precious moments? Would it be worth it just for one more experience?

In the beginning, you’re taken to every person’s best – or worst – high school memory. Prom. There’s a girl in a bathroom, upset, and missing the big dance and a boy outside the main room, getting photos of the couples going inside. Both have obviously already added prom night to their ‘not great’ list of nights through the high school experience as neither of them are actually inside the dance.

Through the film, you find out that the pair are friends. In fact, Bea and Andy have been since they were young but it’s clear that life got in the way. As you see them navigate their situation, you see a pair in their thirties who are trying to navigate a situation of their own.

At first, they too appear to lack a connection, but viewers soon find out that Elizabeth and Drew are working on rebuilding their own relationship. There are issues of trust which are based on a trip to Argentina where Elizabeth claims she lost all trust for Drew. As the film progresses, both parties are tempted to leave the other but never make it too far. Something pulls them back in.

When Elizabeth and Drew hit a particularly rough patch, you see Bea and Andy begin to explore the spark that’s ignited between them. That spark turns into a full on flame and as the two are drawn to each other, it’s evident that it’s been that way for longer than either of them were aware of.

Perhaps this is that one night that changes it all?

At one point of the film, Bea asks Andy who he was talking to after he returns inside from a hotel balcony.
“Just myself.” he replies.

Not long after, another poignant moment occurs between Elizabeth and Drew.

“Do you think they know about us?” Elizabeth asks
“No, they’re too stupid.” Drew replies.

So maybe, it’s not the going back that changes things, but the change of a perspective instead.

 Viewers are left to draw their on conclusions at the end of the film and are left with the knowledge that while we can’t go back in time, we can change the future.

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Written by Ashley

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