Film Review: The Edge of Seventeen Starring Hailee Steinfeld

Life’s tough, everybody knows that, right? Well, Nadine’s life doesn’t stop going downhill; it gets worse, and worse, and worse. She’s on the Edge of Seventeen, and life sucks.

This is admitted right at the start, as Hailee Steinfeld’s character, Nadine, sits down with her teacher, Mr. Bruner, played by Woody Harrelson; talking about the fact that she’s going to kill herself. The teacher’s response is that he’s going to kill himself too and that he has just finished drafting up his suicide note. The whole opening jest suggests the kind of comedy we are going to be subjected to.

Watching the trailer is a perfect way to indicate whether this comedy-drama is for you or not. Unlike other comedy-drama films, this only indicates at the story; saving the best bits for the film. There are plenty of hidden gem scenes.

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The film takes a step back in time to see what’s brought it all up to this big mess; we can all identify, we’ve all been there. We watch her awkwardness as a child; how she doesn’t get along with her mother, Mona, played by Kyra Sedgwick; how her father was her rock, the one person who made the world all right once again. He was played by Eric Keenleyside.

Her other stability is her best friend, Krista, played by Haley Lu Richardson. Krista soon gets involved with Nadine’s brother, Darian, played by Blake Jenner. Now Nadine feels so alone, and nothing is going her way. Life just can’t get any worse, or can it?

This film is filled with laugh-out-loud comedy that will have everyone in stitches; all the while keeping the drama side as real as possible. Various scenes are completely relatable; we’ve all messed up; we have all had awkward moments; we’ve all fancied someone way out of our league, in this case, Nadine is swooning over Nick Mossman who is played by Alexander Calvert; and we’ve all done something completely stupid.

Nadine is spiralling downwards, and she’s got no way to pick herself back up. Her interactions with Erwin Kim, played by Hayden Szeto, is awkwardly interesting with the most brilliant comedic lines.

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If you think your world is spiralling downwards; this film will prove that there are other people in the world who feel like they’re also going through hell, “they’re just better at faking it” as Mona, Nadine’s mother reveals.

Definitely a motivational film, perfect to bring yourself up from that low point. With brilliant comedy throughout; Kelly Fremon Craig’s written and directed film “The Edge of Seventeen” will prove that life can throw everything at you, but it’s down to you to make it through.

“The Edge of Seventeen” is out on 30 November 2016 in the UK. As for the US and Canada, it’s already been released. Don’t forget to enter CelebMix’s “The Edge of Seventeen” giveaway here.

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Written by Jonathan Currinn

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