Find out more about The Vamps’ new album

The Vamps recently announced that their new album ‘Wake Up’ is available to pre-order from Tuesday 13th October (USA, UK, EU) or Wednesday 14th October (rest of the world). The news is just so exciting that I’m falling off my chair. They have also recently announced that you will be able hear their brand new track ‘Cheater’ from the album when you pre-order. For a sneak preview of the song, visit the band’s facebook page.

A little bit about some of the songs:

  • Wake Up is the song that they released on the 2nd October as their new single. It’s about trying to get a girl to wake up to the fact that you’re there for her.
  • Peace Of Mind is Connor’s personal favourite and is about being on tour and having a girlfriend at home. You think there’s something wrong even though there isn’t necessarily one but you just need that comforting.
  • Run Away is a song that James McVey and Connor Ball started (with the contribution of Brad and Tris) and then took to Red Triange and is a “happy and uplifting song”.
  • Boy Without A Car is a song about being just a normal guy that likes a girl and is wondering how you got that far when you’re just a normal guy, and are grateful she’s given you the opportunity. It’s also a song they made with Red Triangle.
  • Half Way There is one of Brad’s favourite songs from the album. It’s a song about working on a relationship and knowing it’ll be okay in the end. They did it with Matt Prime.
  • I Found A Girl is probably James’ favourite song off the album and is about finding a girl you really like but you realise that she likes a girl and not you.
  • Rest Your Love is a song they did in LA with Rammy and Max Martin among others.
  • Cheater is about seeing a girl being treated really badly by her boyfriend and he’s cheating on her. So you’re gonna be the one to tell her that you should be with you instead of him. Recently, The Vamps’ band account on twitter also tweeted saying this is a big sing-a-long.
  • Be With You has a ‘cool little synth line’ and according to Connor is really fun to play live. It’s also a bit different for them and is like a sister song to Wake Up.
  • Volcano features another male artist who’s a rapper, Connor also teased that Tris may preform it live. The song is also according to Tris ‘more urban’. It was also the last on the album to be finished.
  • Worry is about coming out of the end of a relationship and you still want to be friends / make it work and you worry about that, however, the girl doesn’t really care.
  • Million Words is about all the things you should have said to a girl in a relationship and is a ballad. The band account also tweeted saying this is a big sing-a-long.
  • Coming Home was written in America and then produced in England. It’s a slow song and is a ballad, and according to Tris is ‘more of an emotional song’.
  • Held By Me is a song they did in LA, and is the same people they did Rest Your Love with.
  • Stolen Moments is a song done with Matt Prime and Wayne Hector who they did Risk It All with. It’s the sentiment that you want to get back the moments back you had in a really good relationship.
  • Written Off is a song that Connor got to produce on the album about being with a crazy girlfriend when you just want to have a good time with your mates.
  • Burn was released on the Wake Up EP and is already available to purchase on iTunes.
  • Windmills is also another song on their album, however, the boys sadly didn’t release much about this song.

Lyric tease from an unknown song: Give me a tear drop and I’ll give you an ocean…

Written by CelebMix