Fired DJ is suing Taylor Swift as she accused him of groping her

David Muller a sacked DJ from radio station 98.5 KYGO in Denver is now suing Taylor Swift for falsely accusing him of groping her buttocks and consequently losing his $150,000 a year job.

In the lawsuit that followed after the alleged groping, Muller denied all claims he touched Swift. As a reasonably successful and famous radio DJ he has been snapped with other A-list celebrities such as Britney Spears and Jennifer Lopez and no such allegations were made.

Apparently the DJ and his girlfriend were talking to Swift backstage and when getting a photo taken together; this is when Swift accused the DJ of touching her in a sexual manner. Later inside the arena one of Swift’s bodyguards accused Muller of groping the country singer.

Muller then received verbal abuse from the bodyguard and was escorted off the premises. The radio station did dismiss Muller but only after according to them receiving evidence that groping took place.


Written by CelebMix