First Aid At Open-Air Concerts – Things To Know

Did you know that there are many things that event planners need to consider when planning to host an open-air concert? One of the main things that these planners need to consider is the safety of all attendees. 

There is even a guideline book that ought to be read and followed when having a concert to ensure that event-goers remain safe and secure. One of the requirements is that an event host or planner needs to learn first aid so they know what to do should an accident occur.

Remember whenever you plan an event; you have to consider the many unforeseen circumstances that can occur. Crowd crashes, fire, and severe weather are all examples of emergency situations that may arise during an open-air concert. 

One must prepare for this and be aware of how to take charge should the unexpected happen. An emergency management plan is needed especially when the open-air concert has more than 5000 fans attending. 

Things to Consider

Consider the number of spectators present at the event and how many staff members you have at your disposal. You need to decide which staff members are geared up for emergency situations and decide how many members will respond in case of emergencies. You also need to know where a hospital is situated and how far it is from the event location to the hospital.

Fill Staff In

Know your staff well so you know exactly who can provide help when it is needed. The staff needs to be reminded that first aid is the point of medical assistance that is required immediately when a person falls ill or faces injury. The staff should also understand that first aid is only the first point of treatment and further professionals need to be roped in should the situation be more severe or if the patient requires added medical attention. 

Everyone on the team must know who to can all in case of an emergency. Not all staff members are comfortable with providing first aid and some might feel panicked during emergencies so staff must be comfortable working with external experts to address medical setbacks. After all, medical experts will have the necessary defibrillators, oxygen equipment, and first aid kits that may be needed.

Rope in the Experts

First aid can be administered by almost anyone provided that they are fully aware of how to administer the treatment. You may need to get more professional first aid providers depending on how large the event is. You can always ask your local ambulance for referrals of first aid service providers for events and concerts. 

This is ideally a better option. It is also an idea to get the people solely in charge of treating medical emergencies to be dressed alike. This will make it easier to identify professional personnel during the concert.

First-aid Service Providers Must be Able to Move From Point A to B

Having people who are able to treat patients on the spot is all well and good but the service provider may be standing too far to respond quickly and efficiently. That is why the response to unforeseen circumstances needs to be planned effectively prior to the event. 

The people in charge of first aid must be able to move effortlessly to someone in need. Remember you must always have a person specifically designated to call the ambulance when the time arises. Careful pre-planning before the open-air concert is a must to ensure that the necessary first aid and medical attention thereafter can be provided.

Use Signage If Need Be

Signage placed around the venue can always help with providing landmarks and guidance to the people in charge of first aid. It’s also great for attendees to have some form of guidance so they know where to go if an emergency arises.

Think of Ways to Improve First Aid

Every concert is an eye-opener and can provide information about chinks in your emergency plan. After a concert, all staff should speak about what went right and wrong, or about any setbacks that were faced. This way the concert planner knows what needs to be considered when planning future large-scale events.

Written by Monella