Fischer King Releases Contemplative New Single and Visuals for “Memory Into Error”

Dark electronic pop artist Fischer King creates intoxicating and cinematic songs exploring life changing existential crises. His latest single “Memory Into Error” is all about how fragile the human memory is. From how we can rebrand the truth, to block out what doesn’t serve us, Fischer King explores the concept of “how things slip away – time, people, life – both in a literal sense, and the way you feel about them.”

“Memory Into Error” begins with menacing synths that delicately pulsate and soon erupt into a low hummed bass-drenched beat.  Fischer King’s futuristic soulful vocals draw the listener into his world of contemplation, complete with a deep yearning and nostalgia. In the accompanying visuals, the artist is seen highlighted in a dark pink, blue and green hue highlighting the song’s meaning of a disconnect from reality. 

Fischer King is a Los Angeles based multi-instrumentalist, producer, songwriter and composer. “Memory Into Error” marks his first single of the year following his 2020 self-titled debut EP.  With his poignant narratives and irresistibly unique musical fusion, Fischer King is an artist on the rise.  

Take a listen to “Memory Into Error” now and tweet us @celebmix your thoughts. 



Written by LeahBlack

Los Angeles based writer / music and animal enthusiast