Five Actors To Keep An Eye Out For!

There are many young actors and actresses currently making an impression on both television and film and with such a wide range of talents, we thought that we’d narrow it down to five young actors and actresses to watch! Here are five we have chosen for you.

5. Jordan Fisher

Perhaps best known by youngsters for his role as Seacat in Disney’s ‘Teen Beach Movie’, Jordan Fisher has been on our radar since 2013. However, it was his role as Doody in ‘Grease:Live’ that really brought light to his talents. He portrayed the role in a way that was true to that of Doody in the original Grease movie, while also getting across his own take on the character. He brought the character to life, and for us, was one of the best performers of the night. Fisher’s musical talents cannot be left unsaid and he’s currently working on such, with the music video for his latest single, ‘All About Us’ having been released just last month. We’d recommend giving this a listen as soon as possible. On top of his obvious talents, he also has a lovely personality that would just make you want to see him succeed; at only 22, we’re excited to see what Jordan is going to bring to the table next.

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4. Ciara Bravo

While not really what you would consider ‘up and coming’, Ciara Bravo is definitely one to watch out for. Most of us would recognise her as Katie Knight from ‘Big Time Rush’, but perhaps even more worth recognition is her role as Emma Chota in ‘Red Band Society’. Bravo played a young girl suffering from anorexia, and unlike most portrayals of such a mental illness, her portrayal was as dark and realistic as anorexia really is. While the lines had of course been written for her, the part could not have been pulled off without Bravo’s outstanding talent to connect with the audience. Bravo is currently starring in the FOX science fiction drama ‘Second Chance’ and is sure to have a bright future ahead of her.

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3. Kat McNamara

Best known for her roles as Sonya in ‘The Maze Runner’ and Clary Fray in the television production of ‘Shadowhunters’, Kat McNamara is an intelligent, empowering and talented young actress. Having graduated high school at 14 and college at 17, McNamara is currently getting her Masters degree while also being an Ambassador for the United Nations Foundation ‘Girl Up!’. She empowers and inspires many young people, while also focusing on both her music and television career. Her role as Clary Fray is perhaps most famous, and is also broad enough that it shows her immense talent as an actress. McNamara recently had parts in two 2016 films, and is also starring in John Stewart’s upcoming movie ‘Indiscretion’. Definitely a young woman to look out for!

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2. Carlos Valdes

Currently starring as Cisco Ramon/Vibe in The CW’s ‘The Flash’, Carlos Valdes is someone that you definitely should look out for in the future. Carlos began his career in Musical Theatre, having starred in productions such as The Wedding Singer. In 2013, he played Andrej in the musical Once; in this production he also had an opportunity to show off his musical skills, performing on guitar, ukelele, piano and bass. However, Carlos also performs his own music and currently writes and records songs himself. Carlos has brought so much to Cisco Ramon and his incredible portrayal of the character cannot be left unsaid. He has carried Cisco in a light, emphasizing both his powers and his character development in a light that just draws you to his character while watching each episode. He has also been Reverb; Vibe’s doppelganger on Earth Two. While the two characters are completely different, Carlos pulled Reverb off just as we had hoped he would.

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1. Aaron Tveit

Perhaps most worth mentioning here is both Tveit’s contributions to and accomplishments in the theatre community. Tveit made his debut in the rock musical ‘Rent’ in 2004, and has since starred in musicals such as Hairspray where he played Link Larkin and ‘Next To Normal’ where he won awards such as ‘Most Promising Male Actor’ and ‘Favourite Featured Actor’. Since then, Tveit has also left a lasting impression on film audiences through his portrayal of Enjolras in the film production of ‘Les Mis’. Recently he starred in ‘Grease: Live’, where he produced a standout performance of Danny Zuko. His skills as both an actor and singer, as well as a dancer were displayed on the night. Tveit is one to watch out for as he currently stars in the CBS dramedy ‘BrainDead’ and in the upcoming film ‘Undrafted’, a true story of a young teen who misses out of the Major League Baseball draft. The film is released next month and is a film we’ll be sure to watch.

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