Five bands you may not know, but should

It’s not always easy to find new music, it’s far better if someone compiles a list for you. Here are five bands or artists from various places around the world that you should listen to ASAP. Warning: this could be dangerously indie/alternative, but also thoroughly enjoyable and incredibly catchy.

  1. Paper Lions – Canada
    In a nutshell, Paper Lions are four boys who grew up together and formed a band, changed the name of their band, won a few competitions, and have released 6 albums amongst it all. Their sound is slightly similar to Vampire Weekend at times, but they have a charm that sets them apart from their contemporaries. Their album ‘My Friend’ is a total winner.[youtube]
  2. Dappled Cities – Australia
    It’s always a good sign when you struggle to pick just one song from a band’s repertoire to showcase. These guys have been around since 2001, and although they’ve lost and gained a couple of members, they have essentially stayed the same. Their music has grown with them, and has developed as the music industry has changed around them. Their tunes are fun, easily accessible, and well written and they are very quirky bunch of people.[youtube]
  3. Liam Finn – New Zealand
    You have hopefully heard of his dad, music veteran Neil Finn. Liam has some serious skills in writing songs, singing and playing instruments. His style varies between grunge, pop, and just plain just weird, but you can guarantee it is all good. He and his father are doing a joint tour in a few months, and it is sure to be an iconic event.[youtube]
  4. The Leisure Society – England
    This band is quirky and enjoyable and there is a lot of variety between their songs. It’s difficult to listen to their back-catalogue without smiling. Amongst their fans are Brian Eno and Ray Davies, and they have been dubbed as UK’s answer to Fleet Foxes and Grizzly Bear. Whatever the big names say, the truth I’m sure we can all agree on is that they’re worth listening to.[youtube]
  5. Joshua James – America
    A folk singer with an interesting life, resulting in the creation of some very interesting albums. His songs are generally autobiographical and deep and they tackle his own struggles with belief, loss, heartbreak and… his dog. He tells terrific stories that take you on a journey with every song. He’s a thinker, a feeler, a farmer, and a very genuine person.[youtube]


Even if these songs do not grab you straight away, you might just find that they work their way into your head, and you end up back here to remind yourself just what they were…

Written by CelebMix