Five comedy movies you need to see in 2016

Comedy movies are the kind of movies that when you’re having a bad day will put a smile back on your face. 2016 has some great comedy movie releases lined up, so we have complied a list of the top 5 comedy movies that we are excited to see!

The Bronze

The Bronze directed by Bryan Buckley, stars Melissa Rauch playing ex Olympic gymnast, Hope Ann Greggory. Rauch is best known for her role as Bernadette in The Big Bang Theory.

In 2004, Hope Ann Greggory (Melissa Rauch) became an American Bronze medallist for the Olympic women’s gymnastics team. Now, she’s living in her little hometown with her parents as a washed up athlete. In Hope’s hometown, she’s known as a local celebrity until she meets a new young gymnast living in the town who is an Olympic hopeful who threatens her local celebrity status.

The Bronze is set to release in theatres March 18, 2016.

Get a Job

Will (Miles Teller) and Jillian (Anna Kendrick) are recent college graduates discovering that life after college is not meeting their expectations. Trying to find jobs and get started out in the real world is proving to be a lot more difficult than they thought it could ever be.

Get a Job is directed by Dylan Kidd, and has a brilliant cast starring Anna Kendrick, Miles Teller, Alison Brie Marcia Gay Harden and Bryan Cranston.

Get a Job is due to be released in theatres 25th March 2016

Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising

Neighbors 2 is a sequel to Neighbors, and remembering what happened in Neighbors when it was released in 2014, we can only expect laughs all round.

A sorority moves in next door to the Radner family and they seem to be a little more crazy than the previous fraternity that lived there. The Radner family seek help through the previous fraternity members, including Teddy.

Directed by Nicholas Stoller and starring Zac Efron as Teddy Sanders, Seth Rogen as Mac Radner, Chloe Grace Moretz as Shelby, Selena Gomez as Madison and Dave Franco as Pete.

The Sequel will be in theatres 6th May 2016

Bridget Jones Diary 3: Bridget Jones’ Baby

The first Bridget Jones Diary movie was released in 2001 and Bridget Jones Diary 2: The Edge of Reason followed in 2004. Now in 2016 we look forward to Bridget Jones Diary 3: Bridget Jones’ Baby.

This chapter in Bridget’s life involves herself, two men, and a baby on the way. Bridget must find out who the father of her baby is.

Directed by Sharon Maguire, starring Renee Zellweger as Bridget Jones, Colin Firth as Mark Darcy, Patrick Dempsey as Jack Qwant and even Ed Sheeran has a cameo in the movie.

Bridget Jones’ Baby is due in September 2016, keep looking for a trailer!

1. Finding Dory

Finding Nemo was released in 2003, where we met lovable and forgetful Dory, who helped Nemo and Marlin on their way to find each other. Now, Nemo and Marlin want to return the favour and help Dory find her loved ones and learn about what family really is along the way.

Dory is voiced by Ellen DeGeneres and she has some great voice acting co-stars such as Avengers Idris Elba and Modern Family‘s Ed O’Neil and Ty Burrell.

The long wait is over, Finding Dory is due to be released in theatres 17th June 2016.

Written by CelebMix