Five Of Our Favorite Mew Mew Power Episodes

Tokyo Mew Mew aka Mew Mew Power is an anime filled with magical girl realness and reminds us of the iconic Sailor Moon series.

Although only 26 out of 52 episodes were officially dubbed into English, there are five episodes that we love watching over and over again. Check out our FIVE favorite Mew Mew power episodes below!

5) “Books Of Love” / “Lettuce’s Love – Longing in the Library”

Love comes in many forms and what’s better than a love story filled with gushy romantics? We’ve all had that one huge crush that unfortunately doesn’t always end in magical endings. Watch as one of the Mew Mew girls develops an infatuation over a guy who has just about the same interests as her. It’s bookworm love at first sight!

4) “A Knight to Remember Part 1” / “The Knight in Blue – I will protect you!”

Zoey realizes that there’s been a blue knight in shining armor, protecting her. She has no clue who it may be, but when you actually tie in all the “accidental” appearances of the Blue Knight, it makes sense to say that it’s no one else but her closest loved one.

3)”Pooltergeist” / “Ghost Story from School: Finding the Ghost’s true identity ~Nya!”

Before there were five Mew Mew’s, our first two candidates Zoey and Corina had to face Bridgette, the third girl to become part of the Mew Mew Power clan. It’s ends up in a huge two v.s one Mew Mew fight and Zoey doesn’t hesitate to attack Bridgette.


2)”Party ‘Til You Mew” / “The Piano of the Heart – It’s the heart-pounding dance party! ~Nya!”

Things take a turn when the girls (so far Corina, Bridgette and Zoey) meet a talented Spanish piano lady who gets infused with a Predasite! The evil forces learn how to take human souls and infuse them with their abnormal creations.


1) “Coo Coo Cocoon Part 2” / “Stop, Time! Overwhelmed with Sentimental Feeling”

The final episode of the first season is a guaranteed watcher! The girls fight for their lives as Dren reveals a killer moth whose poisonous powders can kill the earth, ground up! When all seems lost, the Mew Mew’s learn to appreciate their harmonious power to attempt to save the world. But does this realization come in a little too late?


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Written by Dannii C.

girl group advocate. latino. prospective teacher. multi-instrumentalist. self-proclaimed Twitter-ologist @oscahhhhh.