Our Five Favourite One Direction Songs

It’s really hard to decide every time when someone asks you what’s your favourite song by One Direction, isn’t it? For us, it sure is a struggle to pick just one! They are all our favourites!

However, #HistoryDay is approaching fast and we can’t wait for the music video! “History” is also one of our favourite One Direction‘s songs!

In honour of the #HistoryDay, we’ve decided to pick our favourite not-a-single track from every 1D album. It was the hardest choice ever, but here we go!

Up All Night – More Than This

“If I’m louder, would you see me?
Would you lay down
In my arms and rescue me?
‘Cause we are the same
You save me
When you leave it’s gone again”

Take Me Home – Over Again

“You know I can tell that your heart isn’t in it, or with it
And tell me with your mind, body and spirit
I can make your tears fall down like the showers that are British
Whether we’re together or apart
We can both remove the masks
And admit we regret it from the start”

Midnight Memories – Little White Lies

“I know you want it
I know you feel it too
Let’s stop pretending
That you don’t know what I don’t know
Just what we came to do”

 Four – Fireproof

“I think I’m gonna win this time
Riding on the wind and I won’t give up
I think I’m gonna win this time
I roll and I roll, till I change my luck, yeah
I roll and I roll, till I change my luck”

Made In The A.M. – End Of The Day

“When the sun goes down
I know that you and me and everything will be alright
And when the city’s sleeping
You and I can stay awake and keep on dreaming
You and I can stay awake and keep on dreaming”


Wow, we’re so emo after going down the memory lane! Tell us about your favourite 1D songs on Twitter @CelebMix and @CelebMix1D or leave a comment below!

Written by CelebMix