Five of Harry Styles’ funniest moments

While the other One Direction members sometimes seem to disagree with us on this one (except for a certain Irish lad), we actually think Harry Styles is pretty damn funny. We might as well just say it: Harry Styles is the funniest One Direction member. Here are, in no particular order, five of his best moments.

When he interrupted James Corden on 1D Day

Though every conversation between James Corden and the One Direction boys is guaranteed to make you laugh at least sixteen times (what can we say, they just bring out the best in each other), this joke deserves a spot in our top five. During 1D Day, Niall asked James if he had any tips for them to make their debut as presenters run a little bit smoother. When James tells them that they just need to not cut anyone off, Harry jumps right in, telling James that “we’re gonna have to stop you there actually James”.

When that interviewer asked how he’d pick up girls in America

In an interview that was cringeworthy to watch (let alone be a part of) from beginning to end, the subject that all fans dread came up once again: girls. We’re pretty sure the boys are tired of these questions by now as well, but, professionals as they are, they stayed polite. Harry Styles, master of the swerve, came up with a funny yet polite way of not answering the question. When asked how he’d pick up a girl, he keeps asking follow-up questions. Where is this hypothetical scenario taking place, in a bar? In America? Well, then 19 year old Harry says with a smug face, he’s not allowed to go into bars in America yet. Case closed.

When he went fishing with Liam

Just like Harry, we love a good pun, and hidden in the credits of their film This is us is probably the best one Harry has ever made. While fishing in Sweden, Liam goes a bit wild with his fishing rod and accidentally captures Harry instead of a fish. When he then informs Harry that the hook is actually stuck in his bum Harry looks behind the camera and deadpans “my ass is on the line”.

Five of Harry Styles' funniest moments 1


When he told us he doesn’t live anywhere

1D Day Harry was a true blessing. Besides the funny James Corden interruption, Harry also showed how well aware he is of the fandom’s running jokes. For a couple of years now, it hasn’t been exactly clear where mr. Styles lives (as it should be, by the way). The official story has something to do with some sort of kitchen renovation and Ben Winston’s attic, though some fans hold different opinions on why Harry’s residency has to be kept a secret. Anyway, Harry nicely picked up on this when he was asked what we could find in his fridge, smiling wide as he looked into the camera and said “I don’t live anywhere, so no food!”. We are so here for Harry subtly making fun of the narratives surrounding him.

Five of Harry Styles' funniest moments 2


When he was fighting with Freddie Flintoff

The episode of “A league of their own” that featured Harry, Louis and Niall is worth a watch anyway, but one of the highlights is Harry’s banter with professional boxer Freddie Flintoff. In one segment of the show, each contestant has to tell a story to the other team, who then have to decide whether the contestant was lying or not. Harry doesn’t hesitate to call out Freddie, saying “Freddie is a good liar. He said he was good at boxing.” When presenter James Corden makes it clear that Harry might want to watch his words, he goes on to add “I mean he’s not gonna hit me, is he?”. The bashfulness with which Harry delivers both comments is absolutely wonderful to watch.

Five of Harry Styles' funniest moments 3

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Written by CelebMix