Five Little Mix Songs That Should Have Been Released As Singles

Two albums in (almost three), Little Mix have garnered critical acclaim for their unique blending sound. With this unique sound they have released a killer discography filled with  great singles but also album songs that should have been given a little chance. What do you think?

Below are the five Little Mix songs, both from their debut DNA and sophomore effort, Salute, that we think should of been given that radio mainstream spotlight for all to hear.

5) Red Planet ft. T-boz

Coming from their album debut, DNA, ‘Red Planet’ features cheeky lyrics and singer T-boz who was once a part of one of the best selling girl groups of all time, TLC. With added electric guitar riffs and a slight middle-eastern influence, this song definitely should of taken the radio world by storm!


4) Stereo Soldier

‘Stereo Soldier’ literally screams original: A Little Mix original that is. Filled with loud brass and a stomping beat, ‘Stereo Solider’ takes one of our numbered spots because it has the Little Mix stamp all over it. Think of it as ‘Wings’ part two!


3) Towers/These Four Walls

We all love a little piano ballad! Between ‘Towers’ and ‘These Four Walls’, the choice was honestly too hard so we just added both to the list and combined it as one! These songs are emotionally invested and literally show how talented the girls are in terms of vocal chemistry and songwriting! And before we forget to mention, did you know ‘These Four Walls’ actually debuted on the U.K. charts without it even being a single? Amazing!


2) Competition

Once again, what makes ‘Competition’ single worthy is the Little Mix brass sound. While it isn’t as prominent as it is in ‘Stereo Solider’ it packs a punch because it’s a different sound. By different sound, we mean a sound that girl groups in general haven’t done. ‘Competition’ is a masterpiece of its own.


1) Nothing Feels Like You

Afro-beat influenced ‘Nothing Feels Like You’ sounds like it could have been a FIFA World Cup song or something of sorts. Midway through the song you literally feel a major Beyonce-esque tingle ala ‘End of Time’: the breakdown is pretty much the climax of the song and you will have it on replay FOREVER!


Written by Dannii C.

girl group advocate. latino. prospective teacher. multi-instrumentalist. self-proclaimed Twitter-ologist @oscahhhhh.