Five minutes with Fuego’s Steven Malcolm

Steven Malcolm is the up-and-coming hip hop artist who is setting the charts alight with his recent collaboration with dancehall legend, Shaggy – ‘FUEGO’. The collaboration came with a new appraisal of Malcolm’s previous work, which consistently sees him combine differing flavours of music from around the world in a homage to his multi-cultural background, as well as blending rap, pop and reggae in his unique sound.

How have you been? What’s the reception been like for ‘Fuego’ so far?

I’ve been great. Family is great and healthy. The reception has been amazing. From the drop of going live with a legend to almost a million views already! I just got off tour and everywhere we went I was “Mr. FUEGO”! 

How did the collaboration with Shaggy originally come about? Were you at all nervous to be working with such an established star?

His manager heard the record and loved it, passed it to Shaggy and he said the same. I was more humbled than nervous. In moments like that I just reflect on the time me and my cousin bought a $60 camera from Walmart, went out and shot a music video. A feeling of “man I’ve come a long way!” 

You seem to have a really passionate fanbase! How do you prefer to keep touch with them, especially during such a weird year?

Social media is a big way to keep in touch. I’m not too busy to respond to a real fan. 

What would you say has been a career highlight so far?

Career highlight so far is working with and meeting Shaggy. I listened to his music growing up AND being a yardie made this next level special. Bro is a great vibe.

Where would you ideally see yourself in five years’ time?

In five years time, I’d like to see myself leading and inspiring the next generation. Music is the main platform I’m using now but I feel God definitely has more in store. Tings like fashion, record label, promotion company, may even mess around and be a boxer!

Anything else we should know?

Just know I have an EP dropping at the end of October!!! Produced by Track or Die, Story told by ME! It’s pure FUEGO through the whole tape! Stay tuned…

Steven Malcolm’s ‘Fuego’ featuring Shaggy is OUT NOW, with an EP soon to follow. You can watch the music video below…

Written by Emma

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