Five Musicians On YouTube We Should All Be Watching

There are a lot of musicians out there on the world of YouTube. We thought we’d put together a list of five that everyone should be watching out for!

Matt DeFreitas

Five Musicians On YouTube We Should All Be Watching! 1

Matt’s YouTube name is RollUpHills and he posts covers at least once a week. His voice is absolutely incredible, it has a wonderful rocky tone but he can pull off pretty much anything. Matt has a whole range of covers on his channel from hits from Ariana Grande and Shawn Mendes to Twenty One Pilots and Maroon 5. Along with his covers, he also has a video up about how to record music on YouTube for those of you who are thinking about it!

Find Matt online: Twitter – YouTube

Lauren Bonnell

Five Musicians On YouTube We Should All Be Watching! 2

Lauren has such a wonderful voice. Honestly, she has such a lovely tone to her voice which you will immediately fall in love with. She has a range of covers on her YouTube channel such as 5 Seconds of Summer, Blink 182 and Shawn Mendes just to name a few. Her videos just include her and her guitar and it gives the whole cover such a wonderful feel.

Find Lauren online: TwitterYouTube

Dodie Clark

Five Musicians On YouTube We Should All Be Watching! 1

Ask any Dodie fan, they will tell you how beautiful and soft her voice is! Dodie has definitely made a good name for herself on YouTube and we could listen to her covers all day. The tone to her voice is something you will immediately fall in love with when you start watching her covers. And, when you start watching them, you will be watching them all day guaranteed! Dodie’s covers range from The 1975 to Pop Party mashups with her little sister. No matter what, Dodie’s covers are something you will not want to miss!

Find Dodie online: Twitter – YouTube

Bethan Leadley

Five Musicians On YouTube We Should All Be Watching! 3

Bethan or MusicalBethan has one of the most wonderful voices and if you don’t already watch her videos, you’re missing out! As well as putting up covers regularly, she also uploads advice and story videos that include her quick wit and funny nature. Covers also aren’t the only music she uploads as she also uploads some of her originals too! Make sure you check her out and look out for her new videos.

Find Bethan online: TwitterYouTube

Natalie Baker

Five Musicians On YouTube We Should All Be Watching! 4

Natalie immediately gives off a good vibe when you listen to her covers. As well as singing and playing an instrument through each other, she also produces the other parts herself. Her channel is full of a mix of covers from different artists such as The Vamps, Shawn Mendes and One Direction as well as some original tunes too! If you’re not already watching Natalie’s covers, make sure you definitely go and check her out. You won’t regret it!

Find Natalie online: YouTube



Who was your favourite on the list? Did you find your new favourite musician? Let us know by sending us a tweet @CelebMix!

Written by CelebMix