Five of McFly’s Funniest Moments

With rumors surfacing of a new McFly tour possibly happening later this year, we couldn’t help but take a trip down memory lane and dig out our favorite funny moments from the fab four.

Tom, Danny, Dougie and Harry have been in our lives for almost thirteen years now (we know – we feel old too), so it was a fairly tough decision trying to pick our fave moments. But we think we covered some crackers!

Without further ado, let’s take a look at some hilarious moments from the McPast.

When Dougie and Tom didn’t want to ghost hunt

Way back in 2007, McFly were featured in an episode of “Ghosthunting With…”, a show where celebs would get the bejeebies scared out of them by messing with spirits in haunted buildings. Dougie being typical Dougie, tried to bargain with avid ghost hunter Yvette Fielding, but she was having none of it! Nothing like a bit of bribery of concert tickets to get you out of sleeping the night in a haunted house, eh? To be fair, we probably wouldn’t want to sleep there either. It was a very funny episode, though – especially if you like the thought of popstars screaming and swearing at the smallest of noises.

When they couldn’t harmonize

Filmed for DVD extra features in 2004, this hilarious outtake stars very young McFly members attempting to sing the B-side Get Over You from their smash hit first album, Room on the 3rd Floor. It all fell apart when no one could harmonize properly ahem Danny and Harry; Dougie farted loudly and everyone got the fits of giggles. It will give you some major throwback feels and will definitely make your cheeks hurt from smiling so much.

When Catherine Tate ripped them apart

Ahhh, 2006. When Danny straightened his hair, Harry had a mullet and Tom and Dougie had the noughties favorite – the sweepy fringe. Queen of sketch shows, Catherine Tate played her character Lauren, during a segment on Comic Relief in the same year. McFly had recorded their single “All About You” just for the cause and of course – were invited onto the show. (Oh how they must have regretted saying yes). Lauren’s questions for McFly were comically brilliant – our personal favorite being “Are you gutted that Charlie left?” Of course. Charlie was part of Busted, who then progressed into super group McBusted, and are now just Busted again.

Gah, we’re just confusing ourselves now.

When they couldn’t read the terms and conditions

When the guys were promoting their album “Radio:ACTIVE” in 2008, things didn’t quite go to plan. We think we need Danny’s laugh as our ringtone. Wait, who even has a ring tone these days? (See what we meant about feeling old?) Anyway, this is fab if you need a quick fix of laughter during your day!

When Harry woke everyone else up with a difference

Back in 2004, McFly shared a house together and this classic video shows Harry being a bit cheeky – waking the other members up in unique ways. They definitely saved the best for last. Poor Danny! We can only imagine the payback Harry received…

Those are  five of our favorite funny McFly moments! What are yours? Let us know on Twitter @CelebMix or leave a comment below!

Written by CelebMix