Five of the Best Casino-Focused Channels to Follow on YouTube

At CelebMix, we’re well aware that looking to YouTubers is a great place to start when learning more about a particular area of interest. There are plenty of handy written sources out there, but it’s often just easier to follow video content, especially when it’s presented by talented and engaging individuals like the guys presented below.

High-stakes gambling is a thrilling world, one tightly connected with celebdom. But it’s not necessarily about celebs who take it up – there are those who make their name from this activity and here are five YouTubers and YouTube channels who hit the jackpot.

Brian Christopher

Brian Christopher, host of the BCSlots DAILY YouTube channel, is the most popular slots-focused YouTuber around. A social influencer whose content revolves around the wonderful world of the casino, he has over 155,000 subscribers and over 92 million views. The subject of a Forbes article, he started the channel as a hobby in 2016, when he was still a jobbing actor in Hollywood. Once his subscriber count began to grow, he gave up his day job and committed to his channel full-time. Much of his success is attributed to the fact that his videos – as the title suggests – are posted daily, but that’s not to take away from their brilliance in any way. Travelling across the US, Christopher’s content mainly compromises of live streams of him visiting various casinos, winning, losing, and reacting in his trademark style. He’s so good at what he does that he even has a fan club, who refer to themselves as the Rudies.


With over 80,000 subscribers, VegasLowRoller is another hugely popular YouTube personality. His videos have a combined view count of 51 million, which certainly says something about their quality. Based in Las Vegas, this YouTuber’s channel is all about his love affair with slots (also known as a one-armed bandit or, in the UK, fruit machine). He frequently travels around the city’s many casinos, filming his wins and sharing them with his followers. Although he claims not to be a high roller, he’s still pretty darn successful, making his content ideal viewing for anyone who either enjoys a flutter or simply wishes they were brave enough to dice with fickle fortune themselves.

American Casino Guide

The American Casino Guide has been published annually since 1992 and is the number one bestselling book in America on the subject of casinos and gambling. Its YouTube channel counterpart is equally popular, with over 85,000 subscribers and almost 29 million views. Run by author Steve Bourie, it provides viewers with tips and strategies on how to be a smarter gambler, covering everything from poker to baccarat. The first is possibly the most renowned gambling game, and some historians say it dates back as far as a 10th-century Chinese emperor! The latter is a simple casino game where, according to Betway Casino, you draw three cards and bet on whether you or the dealer will gain favour. Covering every aspect of the play in detail, this really is a must watch for those who want to have a go themselves.

Rocknrolla’s Gambling Channel

With over 51,000 subscribers and 20 million views, Rocknrolla’s Gambling Channel is absolutely one of a kind. This YouTuber promises viewers plenty of slot, roulette, poker, and blackjack action, and boy, does he deliver! Although his language is rather colorful, and may not appeal to the more conservative player, this is one YouTube personality who knows exactly how to make the viewer experience every high and low right alongside him. Engaging, knowledgeable, and never shying away from betting it all, his channel makes for some fantastic viewing.

So… what’s in it for me?

Some of us can feel an aversion to entitling someone to success for simply doing what they love. But while these high rollers live to share videos of them doing just that, you can’t deny it: their win count – in the game and in terms of views – is impressive. Plus, there’s so much varied content out there with a casino focus that it can’t be easy to make the top ranks as these guys have done. But with their honest and engaging presentational styles, it’s easy to see how they’re the ones that made it. We believe these four influential YouTubers have earned every one of their sometimes hundreds of thousands of subscribers and views way up in the millions.

And we shouldn’t forget the benefit we get from their publications, either! When it comes to gambling, YouTube can be a uniquely valuable resource. Giving viewers the chance to learn from the best, it allows you to view the pursuit from dozens of different perspectives, managing to be both educational and engaging at the same time. Why not check out these five YouTube channels today to see what they could teach you?

Written by CelebMix