Five Reasons Why We Love Sarah Close

One of the best loved YouTube singer/songwriters, Sarah Close, is growing more and more everyday, gaining support from all around the world. You can’t help but fall in love with her as a person and her outstanding voice so here are five reasons why we love her!

1. She is inspirational:

Sarah is an inspiration for many reasons, one of them being, she proves that with hard work you can achieve your dreams. She was only 14 when she started uploading videos onto the platform. As it shows, all her work has paid off. Six years later she is the proud owner of a rapidly growing YouTube channel which is close to 500,000 subscribers!

2. Sarah is extremely talented:

At a very young age, Sarah started writing her own songs and playing a variety of musical instruments. In her videos you usually come across her singing and playing piano looking and sounding beautiful, but did you know that she taught herself guitar and piano? You would never know as she is so good at them both. This just goes to show what true talent she really has!

3. Sarah covers all different types of music:

One week she may cover a chart hit such as Hello by Adele and then the next, she takes it back to some old school Justin Timberlake. Adding a twist or a new sound to a song is something which she can do really well, making them sound like a whole new song in a good way!

4. Sarah interacts with her fans:

On a daily basis, Sarah will reply to fans be it on her Twitter, Tumblr or on the YouTube comments. Recently she even skyped a massive fan for their birthday, if that isn’t a reason to love her then what is? Almost every time after she has uploaded a video, she will be on twitter replying to pretty much all of the tweets about the new video and just generally lifting people’s spirits! Sarah also has a video series on her channel called “Singing Your Questions” in which she takes her viewers questions and writes them into a song. We can’t help singing along to them as they are so catchy and inventive.

5. Sarah is always herself:

Yes, it sounds cheesy but honestly it is true! If you watch some of her videos you can tell (especially in the bloopers) that she is not afraid to be herself. This is also clear in her vlogs where you get to see how friendly and bubbly she is!

After reading this is you want to you can find her YouTube channel here:

We really recommend that you go and check out her channel and if you do you are in for a treat!


Written by CelebMix