5 Reasons We Are Really Missing Zouis

Let’s be honest with ourselves here, Zouis was something we took for granted. Now that it’s gone we can really appreciate the beautiful friendship that Louis and Zayn shared. Our hearts ache slightly when we think about it, but lets take a walk down memory lane. Here’s 5 things we miss most about Zouis.

5. How much they cared for each other

They were always there for each other. When Zayn looked uncomfortable, Louis would help make him smile, laugh, and try to involve him more. They always had each others backs. Don’t lie to yourself, this gif tugs at your heartstrings.

4. How much they missed each other when they were separated


Louis (apparently) has issues being separated from his friends and family, which is absolutely adorable. Boobear misses DJ Malik.

3. How they shared clothes

The amount of times that they’ve been seen wearing each other’s clothes is heart wrenchingly adorable. At one point in time, they had almost all the fans convinced  they were sharing a suitcase while on tour.

2. Their matching tattoo

Honestly, this is friendship goals. They felt that they were close enough to mark an inside joke on their body forever. Bus 1, enough said.

1. They were partners in crime

They were always the practical jokers. They were always the ones to laugh and joke around with each other. Let us not forget that one time in the car…


While reflecting about the bromances we miss most in One Direction, we couldn’t leave Zayn out of the equation.  He was part of the band for almost five years and the relationships they built together will always take up a large part of their (and our) hearts.

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Written by CelebMix