Five Reasons Why Little Mix’s ‘Grown’ Is Sassy, Smart And Single-Worthy

Here’s five sweet, short reasons why we think Little Mix’s new song ‘Grown’ should be a single!

5) It features the amazing and talented Jess Glynne (check out those beginning mmmmmm’s)

If you didn’t already know, Jess Glynne not only co-wrote the song with the girls but has a small feature at the beginning of the song. That’s right! You hear those mmmmm’s? It’s Jess Glynne showcasing her deliciously mmm mmm mmm vocals! We’re loving it!

4) It would skyrocket on the charts!

Check it out. This song along with ‘Hair’ and ‘Weird People’ will probably chart on the official U.K. charts as well. But imagine if ‘Grown’ became an actual single! It would go STRAIGHT to number one everywhere. It’s a perfect blend that radio would eat up and play every single minute of the day – including U.S. radio!

3) It has the signature Little Mix brass sound.

Trumpets, trombones, etc, etc. Ever since Wings, Little Mix have honed the girl group brass sound and has since become a signature staple for the band. It’s pretty cool to know that you’re associated with a particular sound, especially a sound that’s big and bright!

2) The lyricism makes sense (It’s an “i’m an independent woman and you missed your chance” song!)

The beat combined with the catchiest chorus ever (check our number one reason) and song lyrics make out a perfect pop song. If you’re seeing this Little Mix, release this as a single! We’re literally in love!

1) The most catchiest chorus ever

“Grown now, Grown now, don’t cha’ know that I’m Grown now, Grown now”
– Little Mix (can this be put in the history books of quotes please?)

Even if the song doesn’t become an official single later in the year, we still love you girls.

But really, THINK ABOUT IT PLEASE! *wink wink

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Written by Dannii C.

girl group advocate. latino. prospective teacher. multi-instrumentalist. self-proclaimed Twitter-ologist @oscahhhhh.