Five Shows We Can’t Wait For This October


With the 1st of October already upon us, many of us are already counting down the days until our favourite TV shows make a return to our screens. October is an action packed month for TV with many shows coming back with a new season, but here are five we’re most excited for:

5. The Walking Dead – AMC

Returning for a 7th consecutive season, The Walking Dead has a strong following and even stronger ratings to back it up. Having ended season six on one of the show’s biggest cliff hangers yet, the 7th season has been generating buzz among followers and non followers for months. Who did Negan kill in the finale? How will the death impact the characters and the story line to follow? Find out when The Walking Dead returns on October 23rd at 9/8c.

Five Shows We Can't Wait For This October 1

4. DC’s Legends of Tomorrow – The CW

After the defeat of Vandal Savage in the season one finale, fans saw the team of Legends unwrap themselves from one another to live individual lives. With two new characters and a new villain confirmed for season two, we’re excited to see how the plot will unfold and how the team will come together again. There is also confirmation that Leonard Snart/Captain Cold will return, as well as the Justice Society of America being introduced to the series. If that’s not exciting enough, there will be a four-way crossover between all CW superhero shows; Arrow, Supergirl, The Flash and Legends of Tomorrow in December of this year. We truly can’t wait! Legends Of Tomorrow returns on October 13th at 8/7c.

Five Shows We Can't Wait For This October 1

3. Elementary – CBS

In the season 4 finale we saw Morland Holmes take over Moriaty’s organisation and make a promise to tear her legacy apart from the inside. We also saw Sherlock engage in a romantic relationship with Fiona in parts throughout the season and we here at CelebMix are excited to see how the writers develop both story lines during season 5. The last four seasons have been nothing but intriguing, heart stopping and utterly riveting to watch and we can’t wait to have Sherlock and Joan back on our TVs for another action packed season. Elementary returns on October 2nd at 10/9c.

Five Shows We Can't Wait For This October 2

2. Scorpion – CBS

Fans of Scorpion have been waiting for Walter to admit his feelings for Paige since the very first season and the season two finale has given us some hope that this may happen in season three. The last episode of the season saw Walter convince Paige to leave for an entire weekend with Tim before promptly realising he was an idiot and going after her. Will the pair finally get a happy ending or will something get in the way again? Meanwhile, things only seem to be going downhill for Happy and Toby with the season two finale revealing Happy is already married. We can’t wait to see what trouble the team will get into this season and which US problems they will single-handedly solve, with a little help from Ralph of course! Scorpion returns for a third season on October 3rd at 9/8c.

Five Shows We Can't Wait For This October 3

1. The Flash – The CW

With ratings for the show continuing at a steady space since the first season, The Flash is one superhero show you should be watching. Season two introduced many more beloved DC heroes and villains to our screens, and we are promised the same in season three with the show taking on Flashpoint, a 2011 comic book story line involving The Justice League of America. The finale saw Barry screw up the timeline when he went back to save his mother, so it’ll be interesting to see how the CW adapt the Flashpoint story. As well as this, fans will finally see Wally West come to life as Kid Flash throughout season three, something fans have been looking forward to since his introduction in season two. Tom Felton has also been confirmed for the role of Julian Dorn, a new CSI who will see Barry for more than he seems. The Flash returns on October 4th at 8/7c.

Five Shows We Can't Wait For This October 2

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