Five Times Ally Brooke Hernandez’s Voice Took Everyone’s Breath Away

We can all admit it – Fifth Harmony’s Ally Brooke Hernandez has an incredible voice. There’s no denying that the twenty-two-year-old has talent. Just to further this point, here are five times Ally’s voice took everyone’s breath away.


“With You”

This video is very underrated. In 2011, before she auditioned for The X Factor, Ally ran a YouTube account. On that account, she posted a few videos of herself singing. One of them included this song, “With You”, which is entirely hers. It’s just her and her guitar, and it really lets you hear her raw talent. If you’re an Ally Brooke fan, you should definitely watch the video up above. It deserves more than 34,900ish views.


“All Right There”

Another song before Fifth Harmony’s creation, Ally once again shows her talent. While the video isn’t live, that doesn’t stop it from being great. The video is nice, but it’s hard to focus on anything but Ally’s charming vocals. She has obviously changed a lot since this moment, and it’s cool to see her here and see her now.


The X Factor 2012 USA Auditions

If it wasn’t for this audition, Ally wouldn’t have ever been put into Fifth Harmony (which, for obvious reasons, would be awful). She beautifully hits her high notes, even after the music stopped. Simon said he was looking at “a future star”, and he had it right. If you haven’t seen her audition, or you want to relive the magical moment, watch above.


High Notes Live

It’s hard to pick one video to show off Ally’s capability of hitting high notes. Instead, plenty of complications have been created, showing her best high notes. Here’s one of those. Ranging from The X Factor days to their first tour, you’ll be blown away with how high Ally can reach.



Rather recently, Ally posted a thirty second cover of her singing Adele’s “Hello”. While it’s a short video, it shows how strong her vocals have become. It definitely keeps you wanting more, and maybe one day, we can hear her cover the entire song. It would be a precious gift to our ears.


It’s hard not to be absolutely in love with this girl, isn’t it?

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Written by Jessica Brown

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