Five times Connor Franta rocked yellow

A couple of days ago, YouTube sensation Connor Franta sent out this thoughtful tweet from Mumbai, India:

Attending YouTube Fanfest India 2016, Connor had been visiting the country for the very first time. We can just imagine him lounging in his bed after eating at his hotel’s breakfast buffet, typing up the tweet happily, all while wearing one of his favorite yellow shirts.

It seems like a bit of a challenge to find outfits where Connor is wearing yellow, doesn’t it? It is true when we say that Connor doesn’t wear that color very often.

To honor our man Connor’s favorite color and all his trendy outfits, here’s our top 5 favorite photos of him wearing the color yellow!

5. The Jacket

Connor’s tannish-yellow jacket is absolutely stunning on him. It’s a chic look, and the blue waters of the Californian coast bring out the color even better. Props to you, Connor, for your way with photography filters!

4. Riding a Rickshaw

This is undoubtedly one of the most recent photos of Connor in yellow. We’re smiling at how happy he looks riding a rickshaw in India — and smiling at how cute he looks in that yellow tee!

3. The Yellow Hoodie

If you haven’t seen the belows videos before, you’re in for a tweet. Connor is wearing a yellow hoodie and — get this! — the videos were taken in 2012. Connor had been close to 100,000 subscribers and now he is well over 5 million. We’re proud of Connor and how far he’s come, and watching these videos certainly makes us tear up!

2. YouTube Rewind 2015

Okay, his shirt is debatably neon-greenish — but for the sake of this countdown, it’s neon-yellow enough! For #YouTubeRewind2015, Connor participated by playing in a ballpit with other YouTubers, like IISuperwomanII aka Lilly Singh. You can catch his “surprise” appearance in the linked video below:

1. The Flower

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We’ve saved the best photo for last. As for what we admire most about the photo? Maybe it’s the way the yellow on Connor’s tee and pullover coinside with the dandelion in his mouth. Or maybe we just adore the way Connor posed for this photo with a yellow flower and brought it all together with a few filter touchups. Regardless, it’s a clever photo idea undoubtedly inspired by one of his close friends.

(For a bit of fun, if you think you know which of Connor’s friends we are referring to, tweet us who to @CelebMix and attach the friend’s flower photo!)

All in all, Connor looks marvelous when he wears the color yellow. We’ll always be looking forward to more of Connor’s outfits for a bit of our own fashion inspiration, whether he decides to add his favorite color or not!

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Written by Celine Low

Based in TX. Passionate about music, film, photography, & journalism.