Five Times Dinah Jane Hansen’s Voice Took Everyone’s Breath Away

If you’re a Fifth Harmony fan, then you know just how talented Dinah Jane is. No one can deny how rich and beautiful her voice is. Though she has many great vocal moments, here are a few fan favorites!

Her opening solo in ‘Reflection’

Anytime she opens this song, she absolutely slays it. She was the best vocal choice for the solo. Obviously there’s multiple videos of these amazing vocals, but this is the best quality one in our opinion. This video was taken at the Honda Stage event when Lauren couldn’t be there due to a family death, that’s why it is Fourth Harmony.

Her solo in the bridge of ‘Body Rock’

A fan favorite, this solo is what everyone was looking forward to during The Summer Reflection Tour. Even though this video is the whole song, Dinah Janed’s solo is around halfway through.

Her acapella cover of ‘I’d Rather Go Blind’

Not as commonly known, Dinah Jane has performed this song a few times for a few events. One of her idols, Beyoncé, also sang this song so we can assume that is where she received her inspiration from.

Her X-Factor solo

The solo that started it all, her X-Factor audition. As previously stated one of Dinah Jane’s idols is Beyoncé, so choosing one of her songs to sing was a great choice to show her dedication and passion for music by using her voice. The judges accepted her into the show and we all know what happened next.

Her original song ‘Dancing Like A White Girl’

Let’s be honest, how could we not include this gem. Before she ever auditioned for the X-Factor, Dinah Jane wrote and produced this original song. Though we’re pretty sure it’s something she’d rather forget about, you can buy the song on ITunes or listen to it on Spotify!


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Written by CelebMix