Five Times Lauren Jauregui’s Voice Took Everyone’s Breath Away

There’s a lot to love about Fifth Harmony’s Lauren Jauregui, but one of the most incredible things about her is her voice. Not only does she use it to speak her mind, but she also brings beauty to the world every time she sings.

Her vocal abilities are amazing, and to prove it to you, here are five times that Lauren Jauregui’s voice took everyone’s breath away.



Lauren has definitely improved since The X Factor, but that doesn’t mean she began without talent. In 2010, two whole years before Fifth Harmony’s creation, she sang Lady Gaga’s “Speechless”. The video is live, the only thing backing her up being a keyboard. If you listen to her cover, you’ll quickly realize that her talent has always been there.


“If I Ain’t Got You”

Fifth Harmony was created on The X Factor, meaning all of the girls went in as solo artists. For her audition, Lauren sang “If I Ain’t Got You” by Alicia Keys. She was only sixteen at the time, which blew the judges’ minds, as well as ours. With her powerful audition, it’s no surprise that the judges brought her to the next round.



When Fifth Harmony each picked a cover for them to sing together, Lauren chose “American” by Lana Del Rey. Apart from that fantastic video (which you can see here), she was also recorded singing the song by herself, all a cappella. With no instruments, you can really hear her raw talent. It’s hard not to love it.


“The Only Exception”

Lauren Jauregui’s a cappella performances are always a pleasant listen. In the above video, she sang Paramore’s unforgettable hit “The Only Exception”. Just like when she sang “American” by herself, the absence of other vocals and instruments really lets you focus on just her. Even though this was done in a casual setting, Lauren still sounds beautiful.


“In The Moment”

Out of all these videos, this one was uploaded most recently. Lauren sang alongside one of her friends, performing an original song called “In The Moment”. The two of them are all smiles, showcasing their voices alone, as well as together. It’s an incredible duet and you definitely shouldn’t miss it.


See, what did we tell you? Her voice is absolutely breathtaking, isn’t it?

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Written by Jessica Brown

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