Five Underrated 5SOS Songs

5SOS has many songs that everyone knows, such as “She Looks So Perfect”, “Don’t Stop”, “She’s Kinda Hot”, “Good Girls”, “Amnesia”, etc. But they also have countless songs that are underrated and aren’t as popular and well known as the songs I listed above. I have choosen 5 songs by 5SOS that are amazing and deserve to be as popular and well known as their other songs.

Try Hard

Despite being one of their first songs from their debut album 5 Seconds of Summer (Deluxe Version), it is still one of their best songs they have released so far. Even though it’s one of their best songs, it still goes unnoticed by many fans and non fans. The lyrics have a fun and upbeat vibe and the music video is very entertaining and shows you how close the boys are.

Jet Black Heart

“Jet Black Heart” is from the boys newest album, Sounds Good Feels Good. “Jet Black Heart” is by far one of the best songs the boys have produced because it shows off the boys’ amazing vocals. The song also has great lyrics that are catchy and always makes you sing along. The song is a little different from the songs the boys usually sing, which is great because it shows off what the boys can really do with their vocals.

Close As Strangers

“Close As Strangers” is definitely a lot slower than the rest off their songs, which gives you a good chance to hear the lyrics and understand the meaning behind them. The song captivates you from the very beginning and you can feel yourself get lost in the music while you listen to it. “Close as Strangers” is a song that deserves to be on the radio as much as any other 5SOS song.

Independence Day

“Independence Day” is also from the album 5 Seconds of Summer, alongside “Try Hard”. “Independence Day” is all about moving on and being independent, which is perfect if you are trying to move on from something; especially a break-up. It is also a song that makes you want to get up and dance and sing along. It is definitely a song that needs to be listened to and enjoyed more.

Wherever You Are

Besides having great lyrics and great vocals, “Wherever You Are” also has a great music video. The video was released in September 2013, and shows you videos of 5SOS and their fans. While watching the video, you can feel yourself tear up because of how far they have come and how much the boys have grown up since then (fetus 5SOS!).


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Written by CelebMix