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Five Underrated High School Musical Songs

The High School Musical trilogy has gifted us with some amazing songs sung by some extremely talented souls. The three movies each had their own soundtrack with a track list of every single song from the movie, along with a couple bonus ones. There is no way we can deny the magic and the rush of emotions we feel from listening to every HSM track. The songs bring back memories from happier times.

Some songs are more well known than others. Afterall, everyone knows Troy Bolton’s infamous scene of “Bet on It” or how Troy and Gabriella first met singing “The Start of Something New” in a ski lounge. There are some songs that only loyal High School Musical fans of many years know all the lyrics to. We made a list of five songs that deserved more recognition in the series.

5. What I’ve Been Looking For 



Both pairs of incredibly talented singers sang Arnold’s and Minnie’s duet with perfection.

Sharpay and Ryan put their own special twist in the performance, with a dance routine and jazz hands. Watching it, we find ourselves singing and bopping our heads along. It is quite an amazing audition to watch.

On the other hand, Troy and Gabriella is a different story.

When Troy and Gabriella sang “The Start of Something New” for the first time, our stomachs were flying with butterflies. However, the connection shared between the two of them while they sang “What I’ve been Looking For was amazing. Forget the butterflies, we have goosebumps.

Sharpay and Ryan’s version was a jam and something we would dance to, but the reprise version is fit for midnight walks down the beach.

4. You are the Music in Me


Remember how Troy Bolton was determined not to sing during the summer? And all it took was Gabriella singing one line for him to join in? *Squeals* They were too cute.

“You are the Music in Me” is another beautifully written song by Kelsi Nielson that subtlety, yet obviously, captures the relationship of Troy and Gabriella. They are the music in each other, and we are very thankful for the chance to see them fall in love right before our eyes.

3. I Don’t Dance


Who said Chad Danforth can’t sing? Who said Chad Danforth can’t dance?

Ironically, just himself.

The bond formed between Ryan and Chad in High School Musical 2 was definitely an interesting subplot. Being an actor doesn’t limit you to just drama, and being an athlete doesn’t limit you to just sports. It turns out that Ryan is ace at baseball, just like how Chad is ace at dancing. Their relationship was one that was definitely under-appreciated in the HSM trilogy, but we are very grateful that Ryan managed to convince Chad to participate in the Lava Springs talent show.

2. Can I Have This Dance?



Although this duet from Troy and Gabriella is not as renowned as “Breaking Free” or “Gonna Go My Own Way,” it is still a classic that anyone who’s dreamed of love will appreciate.

In our opinion, it is one of the sweetest performances of the entire HSM series. It doesn’t matter if there’s rain or snow – Troy and Gabriella will dance their way back to each other in the end.

1. We’re All in This Together (Graduation Mix)

A lot of High School Musical fans aren’t even aware about the existence of this special rendition of “We’re All in This Together.” The melody and the vocals are a big change from the dance-along version in the very first movie. It evokes a different, but powerful emotion: nostalgia.

We are suddenly bombarded with all our memories. This song goes out to the Class of 2016, the Class of 2015, any graduating class before that, and anyone who has, or is, moving on from a home dear to them.

Watching our favorite Wildcats graduate and leave East High was one of the hardest things we ever had to do. However, bright futures are all in store for them.

The songs shared to us by the cast of High School Musical will forever be classics. They will be passed down through generations to our kids and then their kids. We are in debt to the talented voices and actors behind our favorite characters.  An unforgettable journey of music for all of us, High School Musical lives on.

Written by Laura Huynh

California gal studying media and entertainment at UC Berkeley. Big fan of music, and big believer in Fate. Feel free to call me, beep me at laurahuynh17@gmail.com or @laurahuynh. xx