Five ways Karlie Kloss show that girls rule the world

There has always been a binary set up between rationality and emotion, the former attributed to the man whereas the latter one to the woman. We have all heard clichéd stereotypical statements like Boys don’t cry or Girls are bad at Math. But as Simone De Beauvoir said, “One is not born but becomes a woman“.

History has time and time again disrupted these stereotypes, for example, Shakuntala Devi, a woman who’s known as the super computer in mathematical calculations, but sadly, under the clutches of Patriarchy, these stereotypes still remain. Today, many women and men are breaking away from these stereotypes and trying to establish a unique identity for themselves. One of these women is Karlie Kloss.

Karlie Kloss is known for her unique style. Tyra Banks said that Kloss is her favorite model because she has an ‘atypical beauty’. Her runway walk which is named the “moody gait” is her trademark style. Karlie Kloss has been in the fashion industry since the age of fourteen and has established herself as everyone’s favourite model, all because of her hard work and determination.

But it’s not only her body and looks that make her attractive. It’s the ambitions and goals she has set for herself that makes her our inspiration. This is evident in one of her quotes:

         “I have a notebook that is filled to the brim with my dreams and ideas and goals and aspirations”.

We have listed five ways Karlie Kloss show that girls rule the world. 

Her Beliefs 

5 ways Karlie Kloss show that girls rule the world 2

“If you believe in yourself and feel confident in yourself, you can do anything. I REALLY BELIEVE THAT”

Her passion for learning 

Education does not have an end point. Every day offers us an opportunity to learn something new or to polish our skill set. There is no greater example than Karlie Kloss herself.

Kloss is an avid coder. She not only loves doing it for herself but used it for a great cause. She encourages young girls to take up coding and helps out ones who are interesting in Computer Science and Software Engineering. She partnered with Flatiron School and to offer a scholarship named Kode with Karlie”. In the promo video, she said, “Code is going to continue to play a major role in defining our future.” According to her,

“I think it crucial that young women learn to code as early as possible to ensure that we as young women have a voice and a stake in what the world looks like.”

 Also, Karlie Kloss announced last year that she would be leaving her role as Victoria Secret Top Model to focus on her studies.

Perfect 10 Kookie

Baking cookies is Kloss’ favorite hobby. She made her hobby a source to feed kids dying of hunger around the world through FEED projects.

In September 2012, Karlie Kloss collaborated with Chef Christina Tosi for Momofuko Milk Bar to prepare ‘Karlie Kookies’ which she sold at DKNY Soho during Fashion’s Night Out in New York City. The cookies are dairy free and gluten free. She is truly a beauty with brains.

5 ways Karlie Kloss show that girls rule the world 3

Klossy, an entrepreneurial endeavor

Not limiting herself to fashion, Karlie launched her YouTube channel Klossy to give her fans an inside look at her life. In other words, she is now a vlogger who give her fans, tips, and ideas for cooking and clothing. Kloss had expressed her wish to learn about business and entrepreneurship  and now with her own cooking line and YouTube channel, she is building her brand. She already has 2.8 million users on Instagram and with her new endeavours, the number is just going to rise.

5 ways Karlie Kloss show that girls rule the world 3


Inspiring Woman of The Year

On February 23, 2015, Kloss accepted “Inspiring Woman of the Year award” at the ELLE Style Awards. Kloss has been selected as the inaugural prize winner for encouraging girls to study for science and technology through the Kode with Karlie scholarship.

poses in the winners room at The Elle Style Awards 2016 on February 23, 2016 in London, England.
Karlie Kloss poses in the winners room at The Elle Style Awards 2016 on February 23, 2016 in London, England.

Karlie Kloss is an inspiration to the current generation as well as the coming generation of women. She has taught us to do things we like, to make a future out of it and help other people achieve their goals.

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